Welcome to the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council

Peter ChykaliukPeter Bohdan Chykaliuk, Ph.D. is a pioneer in the organization and implementation of private agricultural enterprises in Ukraine.  Dr. Chykaliuk, born in 1955 to Ukrainian Immigrants to the US,  received his Ph.D. in Crop Science from Oklahoma State University in 1981.  He was hired immediately by Monsanto Company as a Product Development Representative for Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming.   After 5 years of product testing and registration, sales support and extension service support, Dr. Chykaliuk decided to resign from Monsanto, move to Kansas and develop a farm service and product distributorship there.  He owned and managed Kansagra, Inc. from 1986-1989, at which time Monsanto again approached him and convinced him that his experience was needed in the Soviet Union.  Monsanto persuaded him to move his family to Vienna, Austria in 1989 and to  manage their agricultural farm programs in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. 

The political climate in the Soviet Union rapidly changed during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and, once freedom came in Ukraine, Peter decided that the time had come to resign, once again, from Monsanto and move, with his family to Lviv, Ukraine.  Dr. Chykaliuk’s  move to Lviv prompted him to form Ukratek, one of the first Ukrainian companies to engage in free market principles.  Ukratek distributed USA built farm machinery and products and provided farm services to Ukrainian farms.  During this time, he as a founding member also served on the Board of Directors of Ukragrobusiness, Ukraine’s first independent and largest pesticide distributor.  He helped establish several independently operated businesses in Ukraine, utilizing USA built farm equipment  (John Deere, AgChem, Agco, formerly Melroe and others). 

In 1994, Dr. Chykaliuk returned to the United States to manage and expand activities of Raelin Enterprises, Inc., which was registered in 1989, a business involved in the seed, chemical and equipment imports,and the export, production and processing of agricultural commodities in Ukraine.  He served on the Board of Directors for Ukrainian companies Ukratek, Agrotek and Ukragrobusiness.  Dr. Chykaliuk started Cajo, Inc. in 1991 to manage his overseas investments and negotiate export/import contracts for various international companies.  He is presently President of Cajo, Inc.  His advisory role have included: Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture, Vice Prime Mininter of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministries, Ukrainian Oblast Governors, and Ukrainian Parliament on various policies and laws.   Over the years, he has hosted many Soviet Delegations and, later, Ukrainian Delegations to the United States, where he introduces the participants to agricultural programs and practices in the states.   Dr. Chykaliuk is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English and has been valuable in bridging the language barrier for countless Ukrainian and American businesses.