Blockchain: Hot or Not?

Blockchain is one of the most hyped, hotly debated, controversial, and yet promising technologies often mentioned in Gartner, Forbes, the Economist, and other reputable resources. It has the potential to trigger a revolution in a significant number of industries! Of course, this technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

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5-10 Times Quicker App Development? Now Real!

UnityBaseNext is a universal solution for speedy and easy application delivery. In fact, it is a low-code development platform that provides the infrastructure required to accelerate enterprise-level application development and can be executed either in the cloud or on-premises.

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MSTS – a Universal Network and Software Monitoring Solution

Every company’s IT Infrastructure incorporates an impressive number of interconnected devices, which generate dozens of events every second. It is important to monitor their operation and detect problems early to prevent disasters and business losses, improve productivity and performance. MSTS simplifies this task. 

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