Burisma Group in partnership with HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation) and Aleksander Kwasniewski’s foundation “Amicus Europae” co-founded Europe’s largest international forum on “Energy Security for the Future: New sources, Responsibility, Sustainability”. 

The Forum is an open platform for discussing and re-framing ideas and views on perspectives of power safety development in Europe. The Forum calls for closer cooperation among countries, organizations and civil society to address common security challenges and energy concerns.




This is the second international initiative on energy security that is focused on the popularization of alternative energy sources in Europe. The first Forum in Monaco promises to become the largest public institution of green diplomacy in continental Europe, supporting clear and equal dialogue between states, governments, business, and civil society about the necessity of transitioning to new ecological standards of vital activity, and the use of renewable energy sources for economic life.


In a rapidly changing global energy context, European energy security is confronted with multiple challenges and possibilities. Amid growing energy demand, Europe has to find a right balance between sustainability and security of supply. Therefore, it is increasingly looking towards unconventional resources. The Initiative on "Energy Security for the Future" promotes non-polluting renewable energy, which is both sustainable and totally inexhaustible. It aspires to introduce effective technology and smart ideas into everyday life and facilitate a gradual transition from conventional to non-conventional energy sources through an open dialogue with key stakeholders and decision-makers, as well as leading experts, businessmen and journalists.