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Ukrainian News Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine, Mon, October 22, 2007

KYIV - Ukraine's major passenger air carrier AeroSvit intends to take on
lease three Boeing and two Aerobus planes in 2008.
Air company's press secretary Serhii Kutsyi said this at a press conference.

In his words, the air company intends to lease in summer 2008 one Boeing
677, one Boeing 737 and two Aerobus 320 planes, and one more Boeing
737 in autumn.

Kutsyi added that most probably those planes would be used together with
air company Donbasaero, and the emblem of the AeroSvit and Donbasaero
alliance, which is being created now, will be put on the planes' tails.

Kutsyi noted that, despite AeroSvit received a controlling interest in
Donbasaero, the brands of both air companies would preserve.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, on August 2 AeroSvit reached agreement
with the Boeing company on the purchase of 14 Boeing 737 NG airplanes by
the year of 2015.

Besides, AeroSvit is planning to lease up to 14 new Boeing 737 airplanes of
the NG series during the 2008 - 2011 period.

In February, AeroSvit and Donbasaero created a strategic alliance called the
Ukrainian Aviation Group that suggests consolidation of the companies'
technological, production and commercial resources.

In July 2007, the Donetsk city council endorsed the decision to reorganize
Donbasaero, which is a municipal company owned by the city council, into
a limited liability company with the same name.

The decision was endorsed because the AeroSvit airlines had won the tender
to become an investor in Donbasaero, having proposed the best investment
project for the development of the company's transport infrastructure.

According to the decision by the city council, AeroSvit will become a
co-founder of the limited liability company, and the property complex of
Donbasaero will be the contribution of Donetsk city authorities in its
statutory fund.

The city council will own 25.01% in the limited liability company, when
the rest will belong to AeroSvit.