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Ukrainian News Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, October 26, 2007

KYIV - The shareholders of the AES Kyivoblenerho, a power-supplying
company based in Kyiv, at the meeting on October 23 reelected Steven
Walsh as supervisory board chairman.

Thus reads the statement of the company, the text of which Ukrainian News
has obtained. Walsh has held the post of the supervisory board chairman from
June 2006. The renewed supervisory board also included again director on law
issues of the AES Kyivoblenerho Yurii Vakhel.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, on late October AES Kyivoblenerho
dismissed Ihor Serheev as a member of the supervisory board and appointed
Natalia Lysa to the post.

In 2006, AES Kyivoblenerho received a net profit of UAH 78.909 million,
raising its revenues by 23.96%, or UAH 173.755 million, to UAH 898.818
million, as compared to 2005.

In 2001, AES Washington Holdings B.V. (the Netherlands) purchased 75%+1
share in each Kyivoblenerho and Rivneoblenerho. Later, the companies were
renamed as AES Kyivoblenerho and AES Rivneenerho.

AES Corporation runs 113 energy generating facilities and 17 energy
distribution companies in 27 countries.