Welcome to the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council

Independent, Private Environmental Finance Company

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)
Washington, D.C., Thursday, July 31, 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The executive committee of the U.S.-Ukraine
Business Council (USUBC), on behalf of the entire membership, is most
pleased to announce Anemone Green Capital Limited has been approved for
USUBC membership.

Anemone Green Capital is one of Eastern Europe's and Asia Pacific's newest
(spring 2008) and fastest growing independent, private environmental finance

Anemone specializes in identifying and purchasing carbon credits that qualify as
Certified Emissions Reductions ("CERs") under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean
Development Mechanism ("CDM") and Emissions Reduction Units ("ERUs")
under Joint Implementation ("JI").

Anemone Green Capital participates actively in the voluntary carbon markets,
either purchasing or helping to originate Verified Emissions Reductions
("VERs") certified under the World Wildlife Fund's Gold Standard and the
Voluntary Carbon Standard ("VCS"). 

Jon McKee Queen is the executive director of the new company and will
represent Anemone on the USUBC board.  Jon has been very active in
USUBC and served on the USUBC board representing the International
Environmental Trading Group (IETG).  IETG will no longer be a USUBC
member as it is now focusing its activities in the United States.

Anemone's headquarters are based in Hong Kong, with additional offices in
Greater China and Eastern Europe including Kyiv.  The Kyiv office is
managed by Dr. Vadim Diukanov and Anna Svitelska (M.S.).


As part of a multi-billion dollar joint venture, Anemone has a mandate to
acquire an open-ended stream of carbon credits world wide and continually
seek to acquire new sources of carbon credits and our search is unrestrained
by industry type or geographical location.

Anemone manages a growing portfolio of CERs, ERUs and VERs from a wide
range of industries including, but not limited to, Landfill Gas, Small Hydropower,
Wind Power, Waste Heat Recovery, Bio-Gas Power Generation, and Bio-Mass. 

Since its inception in Spring 2008, Anemone has finished carbon purchase
transactions on 26 projects.  Anemone’s management hopes to roughly double that figure by December 2008, through the completion of present Eastern European and Asian projects under discussion. 

Anemone is constantly on the lookout for new carbon investment and development deals with new partners and project companies world-wide, and freely accepts inquiries through the www.anemonecap.com website.


In complement to their carbon credit investment team, Anemone also offers a highly skilled carbon consultancy team who can work with clients to
successfully conceive and implement carbon offset opportunities.

As an independent and privately owned company, Anemone offers a degree
of flexibility and a quick decision making process compared to many other
investment companies. 

More information about Anemone Green Capital Limited can be found at their website: http://www.anemonecap.com/index.php.

"The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) is most pleased to have Anemone Green Capital Limited join the rapidly expanding USUBC membership." said Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, who serves as President of USUBC.


Membership in USUBC is now approaching 100. USUBC membership in January of 2007 was 22.  International businesses have expanded their interest in investing and doing business in Ukraine.

The USUBC new members in 2008 are MaxWell USA, Baker and McKenzie
law firm, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, Dipol Chemical International,
MJA Asset Management, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton,
DLA Piper law firm, EPAM Systems, DHL International Ukraine, Air Tractor,
Inc., Magisters law firm, Ernst & Young, Umbra LLC., US PolyTech LLC,
Vision TV LLC, Crumpton Group, American Express Bank, a Standard
Chartered group company, TNK-BP Commerce LLC, Rakotis, American
Councils for International Education, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP,
International Commerce Corporation, IMTC-MEI, Nationwide Equipment
Company, First International Resources, the Doheny Global Group, Foyil
Securities, KPMG, Asters law firm, Solid Team LLC, R & J Trading
International, Vasil Kisil & Partners law firm, AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines
ContourGlobal, Winner Imports Ltd (Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo,

The complete USUBC membership list and other information about USUBC
can be found at: http://www.usubc.org.


Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration is first and foremost today being driven
by the private business community in Ukraine, Europe, and the United States.

"Ukraine's aspirations for Euro-Atlantic integration, to be a major member
of the world's community of strong, democratic, independent, prosperous,
private business sector driven nations, will be realized largely through the
present leadership and investments from the business community and then
hopefully with some real support later from the politicians and government
leaders," wrote Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, who serves as President
of USUBC, in a recent article published by the "Welcome to Ukraine"