Welcome to the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council

USUBC, AES, Boeing, Cargill, Kraft, Marathon, Shell, SigmaBleyzer
U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)
Washington, D.C., Thursday, March 6, 2008

WASHINGTON - The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) and
seven of its members, AES, Boeing, Cargill, Kraft, Marathon, Shell
and SigmaBle have been appointed to the new Council of Investors
(COI) under the government of Ukraine.

The appointments were approved by Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko,
the head of the Council of Investors and the Minister of Economy,
Bohdan M. Danylyshyn, the head of the COI secretariat. The first
meeting of the COI is expected to take place in March in Kyiv.

The COI will be involved in the following activities:

1. Formation of COI work bodies in keeping with its regimen

2. Public evaluation of law drafts related to major hurdles for attracting

3. Preparation and submission of proposals related to economic
development to be addressed by central executive

4. Submission of proposals aimed to implement investment projects in
strategic sectors of Ukraine's economy, especially with an eye to

Holding forums, conferences, seminars, presentations -----

5. Organizing joint sessions of COI members. Presenting business
proposals for investors

6. Organizing away sessions of COI on official trips abroad by the
premier and COI head

7. Holding consultative seminars

8. Preparation and follow-up on joint investment projects and programs

9. Organization of meetings with business representatives of specific
economy sectors on investment issues

10. Holding conferences on topical issues of economic development
attended by government officials and business representatives

11. Holding fairs of potential investment projects (following their
evaluation by experts)

Publications on COI performance -----

12. Publication of a journal (bulletin) on investment and privatization
proposals in Ukraine

13. Publication of a directory on legal support for investment cooperation

14. Preparing information materials and database of investment projects

Coverage of COI activities -----

15. PR activity to promote investors:
     -  mass media;
     -  printed media;
     -  advertising on TV

16. Creating COI website

COI MEMBERS ------------

The initial list of members of the Council of Investors (COI) under
the government of Ukraine as announced:

Yulia Tymoshenko, COI Head, Prime Minister of Ukraine

Oleksandr Turchynov-COI deputy head, First Prime Minister

Hryhory Nemyria-Vice Prime Minister

Bohdan Danylyshyn-COI deputy head, Minister of Economy

Bagit Alekperov- Lukoil company president

Michael Bleyzer- SigmaBleyzer investment group, president

Patrick Van Daele- Shell Ukraine Exploration and Production,
head of Shell (Ukraine)

Olena Voloshyna- Head of International Finance Corporation
in Ukraine

Valery Geyets- Academician, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences,
head of department of economics

Hryhory Hurtovy - CEO, Renaissance Capital group in Ukraine

Anna Derevyanko - European Business Association, CEO

Kamen Zakhariev - EBRD office in Ukraine, director

Jorge Zukoski - American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine,

Antony Konsidine -TNK-BP, deputy CEO

Boris Krasnyansky - PriceWaterhouseCoopers, managing partner

Oleksy Kredisov - Ernst&Young, managing partner in Ukraine

Yan Kulchyk - Kulchyk Holding president

Volodymyr Lavrenchuk - Raiffeissen Bank - Aval board chairman

George Logush - Kraft Foods Ukraine, board chairman

Ihor Mazepa - Concord Capital investment group, general director

W. James MacNerney, Jr. - Boeing corporation, president,
board chairman & CEO

Pierre Mirabaux - Swiss Banking Association, head

Morgan Williams - US-Ukraine Business Council, president

Lakshmi Mittal - Arcelor - Mittal corporation, president

Trond Mo - Head of Telenor-Ukraine

Arthur Oberusher - Head of European Tourist Company

Karin Rau - Delegate of the German economy in Ukraine

Andrea Raffaceder - General director of Siemens (Ukraine)
subsidiary, general representative of Siemens in Ukraine

Martin Reizer - Acting head of WB office for Ukraine

Andrzej Rozycki - Head of Cargill Ukraine

Hans-Jorg Rudlof - Barclays Capital investment group, head

Oleksandr Skrypnyk - Tekhnobud Klesovsky quarry Ltd.,
general director

Steven Wherry - Marathon Ukrainian Ukraine, CEO

Serhy Taruta - Industrial Union of Donbas corporation,
board director

Serhy Tyhypko - TAC group board chairman

Steve Walsh - AES corporation director in Ukraine

Eric Franke - Microsoft Ukraine Ltd. General director

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky - Development Construction Holding Co.

Daniel Llamas - Uralita group of industrial companies,
general director

Huan Ramon - Monreal Country group, financial director

Antonio Jeannais - OXL group, commercial director

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