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CISCO SYSTEMS Joins U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)

August 15, 2007

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the U.S.- Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) has just approved Cisco Systems as the 41st member of the Council.

We have been working on Cisco Systems for over six months to become a member of the Council.  They have been invited to our meetings in Washington and in Kyiv. I have met with Cisco representatives in Washington and in Kyiv during the past three months.

Scott Blacklin, Vice President, Emerging Markets - Public Sector, who works out of the Washington office informed the Council that Cisco Systems was ready to join the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council. Scott will represent Cisco on the board.

Another contact in Washington would be Ned Cabot, Business Development Manager, Strategic Initiatives. Richard Mach, Manager, Business Development, located in the California office will also work with the Council. In Kyiv the Council will be working with Oleg Bodnar, head of the Cisco office, and Valeriy Fischuk, government relations representative.

Cisco (CSCO) is the leading supplier of networking equipment & network management for the Internet (www.cisco.com).

Cisco Systems is the 19th new member for the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council in the last eight months. The Council's goal is to double its membership in 2007 to at least 50 to 60 members.