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DIPOL CHEMICAL INTERNATIONAL INC. Joins The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) 
USUBC, Washington, D.C.
January 29, 2008

The executive committee of the U.S.-Ukraine Business (USUBC) is pleased to announce that the Dipol Chemical International Inc., a U.S. company, has been approved as the fourth new member for 2008 and as the 56th member of USUBC.

Dipol was established in 1994 in the United States as a chemical-consulting firm. One year later, they expanded their activities to include plastics distribution, chemical distribution with polystyrene and polyurethanes, and toll processing.

Dipol is now the leader in polymers and specialty chemicals distribution in the Former Soviet Union (FSU).

USUBC has been working with Alfred Roth, Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Irene Zaks-Roth, Chief Operational Officer of Dipol. They attended the USUBC meeting held recently with Amb. Wm. Taylor in Washington, D.C.

In 1996 Dipol extabilished a presence in Ukraine and own a warehousing
facility there. Today Dipol is a leading plastics distributor in Ukraine, where they serve a variety of industries.

Dipol has three offices and warehouses in Kyiv, Riga and St. Petersburg covering their distribution network in Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.

Dipol's customs bonded warehouse in Kyiv is a ISO 9001:2000 - certified chemical warehouse. Its activity is strongly supported through long-term consignment agreements with the supplies. In many cases it serves as a "one stop shop" for the major Ukrainian packaging, civil construction, home appliances and detergent manufactures.

As a leading plastics and chemicals distributor, Dipol represents the highest quality plastics and chemicals manufacturers and their products. Their supplier list includes: Dow Chemical; Innovene; Nova-Innovene; DSM; Solway; DuPont; Cray Valley; Grain Processing; Surface Specialties; and Stepan. Dipol provides warehousing for the producers which wish to maintain a part of inventory of chemicals and plastics in Ukraine, but who do not want to distribute it themselves. Because Dipol owns the custom bonded warehouse the importers can defer duties until time of sale. Dipol provides warehousing for both chemicals and plastics, including temperature-sensitive, food-grade and flammable goods. Dipol also provides customs and distribution services and have compounding and blending facilities. The offices in Kyiv are at: 42-44 Shovkovychna St. Horizon Tower.

More information about Dipol can be found on their website: www.dipol.net