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Ernst & Young Employs 500 professionals in Ukraine

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)
Washington, D.C., Monday, April 7, 2008
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The executive committee of the U.S.-Ukraine
Business Council (USUBC), on behalf of the entire membership, is
most pleased to announce that Ernst & Young LLC has been approved
for USUBC membership.

Ernst & Young was among the first international professional services
firm to establish its practice in Ukraine in 1991. Ernst & Young Ukraine
now employs almost 500 professionals providing high-quality services to
a number of world famous multinational corporations and influential
Ukrainian enterprises. 

In September 2006, Ernst & Young opened office in Donetsk. They were
first among the Big 4 firms to open a second office in Ukraine. Alexei
Kredisov, is the Managing Partner, Ernst & Young Ukraine.


Alexei Kredisov was selected in the mid-1990's to be a participant in
the Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program (Muskie), created
by the U.S. Congress in 1992 to encourage economic and democratic
growth in Eurasia. according to Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, who
is the President of USUBC.  Kredisov studied at Virginia Tech University. 

"Kredisov told me he has always felt very fortunate to have been a
Muskie Fellow and to have studied in the United States, " said Williams,
"Alexei said this opportunity opened many new perspectives for him and
also provided new opportunities. He stated he is very thankful to the
United States for creating such an educational program."


Ernst & Young is the 66th member for USUBC, the 14th new member
for 2008, and the 44th new member since January of 2007. The USUBC
membership has tripled in the past 15 months, from 22 in January of 2007
to 66 in April of 2008. 

The other new members in 2008 are MaxWell USA, Baker and McKenzie
law firm, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, Dipol Chemical International,
MJA Asset Management, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton,
DLA Piper law firm, EPAM Systems, DHL International Ukraine, Air
Tractor, Inc.and Magisters law firm.

USUBC is also working with Adlai Goldberg, Director, Business Advisory
Services; Eric Kadyrov, Corporate Finance, M&A Associate Director;
Oleksandra Dubovyk, Associate Director, Transaction Advisory Services;
Vladimir Dabizha, Partner, Audit Services; Anastasiya Khutko, Marketing
Manager and other professionals at Ernst & Young Ukraine.  In the United
States USUBC will be working with Marco Groen, head of the CIS Desk
at Ernst & Young in New York City.  Adlai Goldberg will represent Ernst
& Young Ukraine on the USUBC board of directors.

Ernst & Young Ukraine is a member of a global professional services
network with more than 114,000 professionals, assisting with integrated
services in 140 countries.

Ernst & Young Ukraine combines the knowledge and experience of its staff
based in Ukraine with the experience of other parts of the firm elsewhere in
the world.

The worldwide experience in advising private sector and state-owned
enterprises, governments, and other organizations on how to deal with the
structuring, information systems, legal, tax, valuation and risk management
issues that arise in growing economies is enhanced by the knowledge of
Ukraine as a whole.

Ernst & Young offers clients creative insight and innovative problem-solving
capabilities to improve decision-making, increase profitability and productivity,
lower the cost of capital, and decrease business risk.

In Ukraine, Ernst & Young provides a wide range of strategic services. They

     (1) Assurance
     (2) Advisory Business Services
     (3) Tax & Legal Services
     (4) Transaction Advisory Services.

Ernst & Young actively participates in the Foreign Investment Advisory
Council under the auspices of the President of Ukraine and in the Council
of Investors (COI) under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Ukraine
because they believe their global experience can contribute to the
enhancement of the investment climate in Ukraine.

You can find out more about E&U at the following link:
"USUBC is very pleased to welcome Ernst & Young into its rapidly
expanding membership," said Williams. "USUBC looks forward to working
closely with Ernst & Young in 2008."