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Eurasia Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, September 28, 2007

KYIV, Ukraine - The Eurasia Foundation (EF) and the Organization for
Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Ukraine awarded six new
projects to support small and medium enterprise growth in Poltava, Odesa
and Zaporizhzhia  oblasts as part of the fourth phase of their joint program,
Local Economic Development (LEAD).

Since 2003, EF and OSCE have invested in 24 projects and provided related
technical assistance in 14 oblasts and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
through this initiative, which is co-funded by OSCE and USAID. Descriptions
of the recently awarded projects follow:

[1] 'Heifer Project International -Ukraine' will generate new job
opportunities and stimulate small business growth in the animal husbandry
industry of rural areas in Odesa oblast.

The grantee will train and consult three farm cooperatives to improve meat
and dairy production, business management, and adopt the latest industry
technologies. This project will create new jobs and improve the
profitability of animal husbandry in the region.

[2] The Izmail Foundation for Entrepreneurs Support will help unemployed
individuals in Bolhrad, Izmail and Kiliya districts in Odesa oblast through
job-skills training and support to small businesses.

The grantee will train individuals in traditional folk arts and craft-making
techniques and create a database of craftsmen.

They will develop promotional materials and organize exhibition fairs and an
online retail store to market their products. This project will help
establish new handicraft businesses and make existing ones more profitable.

[3] The Khortytsia Rayon Union of Entrepreneurs, "Porada" will foster
economic growth through small business development in Zaporizhzhia oblast.

The grantee will survey and compile a database of production enterprises in
select cities and regions of the oblast, and analyze relevant legislation to
determine the major impediments to entrepreneurial development.

Based on the results of this research, the grantee will recommend ways to
improve the process start and develop production enterprises.

The project will also support three new business clubs that will unite
managers of production enterprises, providing them with opportunities to
develop new skills, acquire information and establish new business contacts.

This project will provide a wide range of support to start-up and existing
small business entrepreneurs while helping to create new businesses and

[4] The Rural Development and Legal Assistance Center in Odesa oblast will
encourage economic growth by supporting small business development in
Velyka Myhailivka, Ivanivka and Rozdilna districts.

The grantee will develop a training program specially-tailored to
registering and operating small businesses, provide consulting services to
entrepreneurs, and publish strong business models. This project will support
local entrepreneurs, helping to create new businesses and jobs.

[5] The Regional fund for Entrepreneurship Support in Poltava Region will
foster economic growth through small business development in the Dykanka,
Karlivka and Poltava districts of Poltava oblast.

The grantee will use various means to support to new and existing
entrepreneurs in rural tourism, agriculture, and communal services.

The grantee will provide small business owners with educational
opportunities, consulting services and market research. This project will
help make existing small and medium enterprises more effective and
profitable, as well as help establish new businesses.

[6] The Poltava Business Development Center will support organic farming in
Velyka Bahachka, Lubny, Semenivka, Khorol, and Poltava districts in Poltava

The grantee will identify agricultural enterprises willing to pursue organic
farming and help them convert to organic production. This project will
increase the number of organic farms in the region and support to organic
farming entrepreneurs.

For more information on these program, please contact Elena Sayenko,

Program Manager at (+38-044) 200-3825, or es@eurasia.kiev.ua.