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Focuses on Emerging Markets of New Europe, Especially Ukraine

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)
Washington, D.C., Thursday, May 29, 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The executive committee of the U.S.-Ukraine
Business Council (USUBC), on behalf of the entire membership, is most
pleased to announce that Foyil Securities, Inc., a U.S. company, has been
approved for USUBC membership. They are USUBC member number 80.

Foyil Securities focuses on the emerging markets of New Europe, providing
trade execution, investment research and corporate finance advisory services to its institutional and high net worth client base.

The Foyil Group was established in 1996 by Dorian B. Foyil who serves
as the company's President and Chief Investment Officer. He has been
active in the investment management industry for more than 20 years.

Mr. Foyil holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the
Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a
Bachelors degree in Accounting and Computer Science from Temple

As a London-based analyst for UBS Securities, he was Number One
rated in the 1990 Extel Survey. During his subsequent five-year tenure with
the Franklin-Templeton Investment Management firm, he had direct portfolio
responsibility for some $800m in global and emerging market mutual funds
and institutional pension assets.

Alexander Sandul serves as the Managing Director of Foyil Securities
and is the Kyiv office.


The Foyil Group was launched in 1996 with the creation of Foyil Asset
Management as an independent, offshore fund management company
headquartered in Nassau, The Bahamas, targeting investment opportunities
in the emerging markets of New Europe and around the world.

In April 1997, the Foyil Ukrainian Opportunity Fund was founded with
contributed capital of over $50 million dollars. The Ukrainian office in
Kyiv is the major communication point for New Europe's markets where
Foyil Securities operates.

In 1999, three other funds were launched: the Foyil Eastern Europe &
Russia Focused Fund, the Foyil Focused Strategy Fund and the Foyil
US$ Money Market Fund.

In 1999 Foyil Corporate Finance began operations and by 2000 Foyil
Securities New Europe was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine and was fully
incorporated and licensed in 2001. Foyil Securities, which now
incorporates Foyil Corporate Finance, is the only American-owned
investment banking and brokerage firm operating in Ukraine.


The Foyil Group, through its subsidiaries, provides the following products
and services:

Foyil Asset Management provides investment management services to high
net worth individuals, pension funds and financial institutions, chiefly
available through Foyil Asset Management's family of hedge fund products.

Foyil Securities provides institutional and retail brokerage services
tailored to the emerging markets of New Europe with the focus on Ukraine.
Foyil Securities' key strength is its research-driven approach to providing
investment solutions.

The Research Department provides in-depth coverage of Ukrainian listed
companies, while the experienced Sales & Trading Team ensures prompt
execution of securities orders at the best prices.

Security Fund Administration is a licensed fund administrator providing
fund administrative services to its clients.

Foyil Corporate Finance is a division of Foyil Securities that provides
Mergers & Acquisition advisory, Initial Public Offering and Corporate
Bond services to its institutional clients.

Foyil Services Limited provides custody and trading settlement services
to its brokerage client base.

The Group operates from two offices: Nassau, The Bahamas, and
Kyiv, Ukraine.  For more information about Foyil Securities go to their
website: www.foyil.com.

"USUBC is pleased to have Foyil Securities join our rapidly expanding
list of members." said Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, who serves as
President of USUBC.


Foyil Securities is the 80th member for USUBC, the 28th new member for 2008, and the 58th new member since January of 2007. USUBC membership has more than tripled in the past 17 months, going from 22 members in January of 2007 to 80 members in May of 2008.

The other new members in 2008 are MaxWell USA, Baker and McKenzie
law firm, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, Dipol Chemical International,
MJA Asset Management, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton,
DLA Piper law firm, EPAM Systems, DHL International Ukraine, Air Tractor,
Inc., Magisters law firm, Ernst & Young, Umbra LLC., US PolyTech LLC,
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Chartered group company, TNK-BP Commerce LLC, Rakotis, American
Councils for International Education, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP,
International Commerce Corporation, IMTC-MEI, Nationwide Equipment
Company, First International Resources and the Doheny Global Group. See
the complete membership list at: http://www.usubc.org/members.php.