Welcome to the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council

International Environmental Trading Group (IETG) Joins The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).

August 3, 2007

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) has just approved the International Environmental Trading Group (IETG) as the 42nd member of the Council. We are pleased to welcome the IETG as a new member.

John Palmisano, Chairman, and Jon McKee Queen, Senior Vice President, International Environmental Trading Group (IETG), informed me about their companies interest in being a member of the Council. I met with John and Jon several times this year in Washington and in Kyiv where they have an office. They have attending some of the Council's meetings this year.

The IETG is an integrated environmental financial services company specializing in environmental investments and transactions.
They are developing a diversified portfolio of emissions trading transactions, energy efficiency projects and renewable energy projects.
IETG works in financial engineering, emissions trading, investment banking, engineering and environmental law.

IETG's geographic focus includes the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Southeast Europe, Asia and North America, (www.ietg.com).

IETG is the 19th new member for the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council in the last eight months. The Council's membership now stands at 42, a new record.