Welcome to the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council


By Dariya Orlova, Kyiv Post, Kyiv, Ukraine, Thu, Oct 25 2007

The Philadelphia-based law firm of Marks & Sokolov has teamed with a
Ukrainian-born US lawyer to open an office in Kyiv. Marks, Sokolov &
Burd is the firm's second foreign office following one in Moscow. The firm began working with Ukrainian clients in 2004.

"We have represented Ukrainian interests in purchasing major metal plants in the US, and Western companies, in substantial, worldwide litigation arising
from their Ukrainian business dealings. We look forward to doing more," said Bruce Marks, the firm's founder and managing director, who has also served as a Republican state senator from Pennsylvania.

"With the economic growth and political changes in Ukraine, we just felt
it's quite appropriate for us to extend to Ukraine as well," said Ukrainian-born, US-trained attorney Gene M. Burd, managing director of the Kyiv office.

"We are distinct from many law firms that work here in that one of our
specialties is international litigation and arbitration. Our firm has been
involved in major litigation relating to privatization and shareholder
conflicts both in Russia and Ukraine," Burd said.

"There are views that the Ukrainian legal market is saturated, but when you
come here and start speaking with people, potential clients, you find that
many of them are unsatisfied with the services lawyers provide," explained
Burd. The lawyer noted that many local companies lack client-handling
skills, while services of Western firms are frequently overpriced.

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