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U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)
Washington, D.C., Thursday, September 25, 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Washington Group (TWG), an association of Ukrainian-American and other professionals, based in Washington, D.C. has been approved for USUBC membership, according to the USUBC executive committee, in an announcement on behalf of the entire USUBC membership. The Washington Group (TWG) is USUBC member ninety-four.

TWG was chartered in 1984 with 54 members. Today, the membership approaches 400.  While the majority of members reside in the greater Washington, D.C. area, they are also found in Canada and Europe, including Ukraine.

Members of TWG participate in activities that advance their professional growth, raise the awareness of Ukrainian economic, business, political, governmental, civil society and social issues here and abroad and promote Ukraine's cultural heritage. 


The TWG membership is made up of attorneys, engineers, teachers, academicians, diplomats, bankers, journalists, military personnel, medical professionals, government officials, artists, accountants, small businessmen, investors, professional business leaders, and members of other professions.

TWG sponsors a highly regarded Leadership Conference, the TWG newsletter, the Distinguished Speaker Series [USUBC has co-sponsored some of these events], and performances presented by the TWG Cultural Fund have served to raise the profile of Ukrainian issues and provide a platform for Ukrainian artists, spokespersons, and other interested parties.

With the independence of Ukraine, TWG and its members have been instrumental in presenting a forum for discussions between public and private representatives of Ukrainian concerns and their counterparts in the U.S.  Twig's Business Development Forum serves to promote U.S.-Ukraine business  connections and to work for the advancement of Ukraine's private sector business environment.

TWG's Fellowship Fund provides the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, D.C. with an annual paid intern.  Through their Cultural Fund, TWG has provided a platform for Ukrainian artists.  Furthermore, TWG provides a forum for networking among its members and friends through various functions and its highly acclaimed Membership Directory.


USUBC has been working with Adrian Pidlusky, president of TWG, and with Andrew Bihun, a senior advisor to USUBC, who serves as director of the TWG Business Development Forum. 

The recent energy roundtable held in Washington about Ukraine's energy problems and opportunities was sponsored by four Washington based organizations, The Washington Group (TWG), the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF) the Ukrainian American Environmental Association (UAEA) and the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).  More jointly sponsored meetings on major Ukrainian issues are planned for the future.


These four organizations, TWG, USUF, UAEA, and USUBC, are four of the six founders and sponsors of the Ukraine Disaster Assistance Fund set up in August of this year.  Considerable funds have been raised from private businesses and individuals to assist with the rebuilding of the area in Western Ukraine hit by record floods.  The first major project under consideration is to provide assistance for the building of a new school in a small village to replace one destroyed by the flooding.  The Ukraine Disaster Assistance Fund will continue to raise donations and work in Western Ukraine for at least the next year on longer-run reconstruction projects.

Additional information about The Washington Group (TWG) can be found at http://www.thewashingtongroup.org/.

"The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) is very pleased to have The Washington Group (TWG) as a new member. USUBC has grown very rapidly during the past 19 months and now has a membership base which allows USUBC to provide its members such as TWG with a full-time operation and a significantly expanded program of work," according to president Williams.


The Washington Group (TWG) is the 44th new member for 2008, and the 74th new member since January of 2007. USUBC membership has quadrupled in the past 20 months, going from 22 members in January of 2007 to 94 members in September of 2008. Membership is expected to top 100 very soon.

The new USUBC members in 2008 include MaxWell USA, Baker and McKenzie law firm, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, Dipol Chemical International, MJA Asset Management, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, DLA Piper law firm, EPAM Systems, DHL International Ukraine, Air Tractor, Inc., Magisters law firm, Ernst & Young, Umbra LLC., US PolyTech LLC, Vision TV LLC, Crumpton Group, Standard Chartered Bank, TNK-BP Commerce LLC, Rakotis, American Councils for International Education, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP, International Commerce Corporation, and IMTC-MEI.

Additional new USUBC members in 2008 are: Nationwide Equipment Company, First International Resources, the Doheny Global Group, Foyil Securities, KPMG, Asters law firm, Solid Team LLC, R & J Trading International, Vasil Kisil & Partners law firm, AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines, Anemone Green Capital Limited, ContourGlobal, Winner Imports LLC (Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Porsche), 3M, Edelman, CEC Government Relations RZB Finance LLC (Raiffeisen), IBM Ukraine, SoftServe Inc., and The Washington Group (TWG).

The complete USUBC membership list and additional information about USUBC can be found at: http://www.usubc.org.