On 6 October 2016, Ukraine joined the International Open Data Charter (“IODC”).

The main objective of the IOCDC is the public disclosure of information on activities of the state and municipal authorities, as well as other types of institutions within the wider public sector (for example, information on how the money of the respective state or municipal budgets are spent, tender conditions, statistical data, etc.). IODC promotes the following main principles with respect to access, use and release of such information:

  • Open by Default;
  • Timely and Comprehensive;
  • Accessible and Usable;
  • Comparable and Interoperable;
  • For Improved Governance and Citizen Engagement; and
  • For inclusive Development and Innovation.

Ukraine’s joining of the IODC is a big step forward in increasing the transparency and efficiency of the state and municipal authorities, as well as other organisations active in the public sector. It will also help Ukraine fight corruption at all levels and help businesses to have quick access to the open data and to increase its awareness of potential investors with respect to planned projects. It is anticipated that joining the IODC will also improve Ukraine’s position in the world open data rankings (e.g., Open Data Barometer and Open Data Index).

Aside from Ukraine, the IODC has already been acceded to by another 17 countries, including Great Britain, Canada, France and Italy.

Law: Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 686-p On Certain Matters of Accession to the International Open Data Charter, dated 22 September 2016.


Olga Belyakova, Partner, Olga.Belyakova@cms-cmck.com