The Order* of the Ministry of Finance, introducing new templates and procedure of VAT reporting, was officially published on 30 January 2016**.

In general, the templates for VAT reporting (especially, the VAT return) have been simplified and updated in accordance with the current wording of the Tax Code, including the requirements of the electronic VAT administration system.

The first period to be reported under the new templates is February 2016.

* Order № 21 dated 28 January 2016 “On approval of the templates and procedure of filing and submission of reporting on value added tax”
** Uriadovyy Kuryer №19 dated 30 January 2016.


Camiel van der Meij
, Partner & TLS Leader,
Slava Vlasov, Partner, Tax and Legal Services,
Yaroslav Guseynov, Director, Tax and Legal Services,
Viktoria Tymoshenko, Senior Manager, Tax and Legal Services,