Military think-tank makes up top weaponry and military hardware list

Centre for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies
Narodna Armiya, Kiev, Ukraine, in Ukrainian 10 Jul 09; p 4
BBC Monitoring Service, UK, in English, July 10, 2009 

The Centre for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies [military think-tank] has composed a list of the top 10 innovations in weaponry and military hardware which have most impacted Ukraine's defence capability or its position on the international arms market.

  1. High-precision destruction weapon systems, such as Kombat, Stuhna and others, which have shown the capability of Ukrainian inventors to develop new, state-of-the-art weapons, top the list, according to the centre's press service (Kiev-based state design bureau Luch).
  2. The development and promotion of the An-148 aircraft, which helps lead the nation's plane building sector out of a crisis, takes second place (Antonov state aviation concern).
  3. In third place is a modernized version of the radar reconnaissance Kolchuga-M system demonstrating Ukraine's ability to develop technology created in the former USSR (special design bureau of the state joint-stock holding company Topaz, the state Ukrspetseksport [arms-trading] company).
  4. The new Oplot tank and light armour elements for the BTR-3E1 and BTR-4 armoured personnel carriers take fourth place. The new equipment may lead to the emergence of a completely new type of armoured vehicle [Kharkiv-based Morozov machine-building design bureau].
  5. The development of the new corvette class military vessel with integrated elements and western manufactured assemblies come in fifth place (state-owned research and design centre of shipbuilding).
  6. In sixth place is the new three-dimensional radar station Pelikan (79K6), which has allowed national radar system developers to remain among world leaders (Iskra national design and production enterprise).
  7. A system to protect helicopters from high-precision means of destruction with an infra-red seeker is in seventh place (the Adron research and production company).
  8. In eighth place is a new system for defending armoured vehicles from attack by Nizh- and Zaslin-type weapon systems (the [Kharkiv-based] state central bureau of critical technologies Mikrotekh).
  9. Ninth place goes to several millimetric frequency radar systems akin to the Barsuk and Manhust (Ukrspetstekhnika holding company in 2000-04).
  10. Rounding out the top 10 is Kontrast, a device to camouflage equipment (the Institute of Automated Systems, Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences).