On October 1, MIM Business School held FacingTheFuture. Inspiration, the largest offline meeting of MIM’s community after a two-year gap. The event also marked the beginning of the autumn academic season. 

Art inspired the event. Olga Melnyk, media and visual art expert offered a curated art show. It featured works by such prominent contemporary artists as Oleksandr Rojtburd, Tiberiy Silvashi, Pavlo Makov, Maria Prymachenko just to mention a few.

The OVERALL brand founded by MIM-Kyiv alum Anastasia Bratkova had the fashion performance “Wear Ukrainian Art”. The lecture on the collaboration of art and fashion in an attempt to create trendy products complemented the show.

 Taisia Poda, founder of the Theta Arts and Mint Agency discussed whether NFT is about a new big art idea or a new digital asset class.

“We founded educational Forum Facing the Future in 2019 when we celebrated MIM-Kyiv’s anniversary. Noah Yuval Harari was a keynote speaker. The second Facing the Future Forum was held online in 2020 and was dedicated to competitiveness issues. Michael Porter was the main speaker. It was a truly international event with nearly 800 participants from 20 countries and speakers from 7 countries. This year we transformed the Forum by adding up the art component. That’s why we called it FacingTheFuture. InspirationWe are discussing the future, what drives and shapes it if we can get prepared for it, and how to see the early signs of it. What inspires our contemporaries? Where can we find ur inspiration? How can we replenish our inner resources? Art is the first thing that comes to mind. Art and education have a lot in common. They shape people now but the results manifest in the future,” Iryna Tykhomyrova, MIM Business School president said. 

Playback Theater “Vne Vremeni”, 8LIS5 band founded by ex-Ocean Elzy and Esthetic Education bands members and Frolov Dj School entertained the audience. 











Photos: https://fex.net/ru/s/l6seffl