B-Green: Baker McKenzie's Kyiv Office Participates in Environmental Management Program

Kyiv, Ukraine, 8 November 2017:  B-Green is Baker McKenzie's global environmental management program. B-Green has been developed by Baker McKenzie's Global Sustainability Committee to help to embed sustainability into office's operations and daily business practices.
The B-Green Program focuses on three complementary modules:
    - developing a systematic program to measure, track and reduce an office's carbon footprint (Carbon-Smart);
    - development of a structured approach to reducing an office's paper footprint by using lower impact paper, reducing paper consumption and increasing the recycling of waste (Paper-Smart);
    - and office refit, including investments into the office design and infrastructure that will reduce energy bills and other operating costs (Refit-Smart).
All Firm's offices participate in this Program with the aim of improving their environmental performance and embedding environmental sustainability.
Kyiv Office has participated in this Program since 2017, and has already taken the initial steps:
    - office printers are configured for 2-sided printing to reduce paper consumption;
    - policy to reduce printing paper consumption has been adopted and relevant announcements have been prepared;
    - paper waste is collected and sent for recycling;
    - policy to reduce business trips and flights has been adopted to reduce carbon footprint;
    - the preference is given to business meetings via the Internet and webinars; and
    - measures are taken to reduce energy consumption: staff announcements on energy saving have been prepared, monitoring procedures are implemented to ensure that appliances and lights are switched off at the end of the business day, and standard lamps have been replaced with energy-saving lamps. 

Moreover, the office plans to introduce waste sorting policy, reduce plastic footprint, replace fluorescent lamps with energy-saving lamps, and dispose of used lamps in cooperation with a licensed contractor.


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