WASHINGTON, D.C. – BUY UKRAINIAN, anonline store, www.Buy-Ukrainian.com,that supplies Ukrainian products to the United States market, hasbecome the latest U.S. company to join the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council(USUBC).  The announcement was made today by the USUBC executivecommittee on behalf of the over 200 companies and organizations who are membersof USUBC. 

altThereare almost a million Ukrainian Americans living in the UnitedStates who were either born here or immigrated. Very often,when Ukrainian people come to the USA they miss the food or otherproducts they used to buy when lived in Ukraine. For instance buckwheat ordelicious chocolate and candies.

Buy Ukrainian is the company that can perfectly help them find a widerange of top quality Ukrainian products including traditional souvenirs,hand-crafted goods, home goods, ethnic and everyday clothing, toys,accessories, shoes, traditional sweets, and books in Ukrainian.

BuyUkrainian's main goal is to provide high-quality goods made inUkraine in the USA and as a result to support the Ukrainian economy.First, Ukrainian companies can benefit from increased salesand secondly it allows people in the USA to broaden the products theybuy, especially  high-quality and authentic Ukrainian groceries.


TheBuy Ukrainian business was founded and is supported by the Ukraine Expresscompany, which is also a member of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). The founder/owner of the UkraineExpress company, www.Ukraine-Express.com/en/, isVictor Palamarchuk.  Victor is widely known among the volunteercommunity for his activity regarding providing assistance to Ukraine.During the last year Ukraine Express shipped approximately 100 tons ofhumanitarian aid to Ukraine at its own expense. 

"BuyUkrainian" expands on this idea and most of the proceeds fromthe sales goes to support humanitarian assistance, mainly providingmedicines to Ukrainian hospitals and groups of volunteers.  BuyUkranian also supports Ukraine through Ukrainianmanufacturers in providing jobs. These are the ways BuyUkrainian shows its support inside Ukraine as well as outsideUkraine. 


altThe main objective of Buy Ukrainian is the introduction of Ukrainianproducts to the American chain stores. The Buy Ukrainian company alsotakes part in Ukrainian festivals held all over the USA where people havethe unique opportunity to purchase Ukrainian products like organicgroceries, clothing, accessories, gifts, books and much more!

Ukrainiansare famous for doing their traditional goods with soul and sharing them fromthe heart. Therefore Ukrainian gifts are always a perfect choice for apresent.  In Buy Ukrainian you will find the best matching souvenirs,ethnic goods, exquisite decorative pieces, and delicious treats that can beperfect for Christmas Holidays gifts.

The most recent news about Buy Ukrainian is that the company opened a store inDelaware, where you can actually see and buy everything you need from the freshrye loaf of bread and a well-known Ukrainian lard to kitchen utensils andladies jewelry. The selection of goods is constantly expanding to providepeople with more options.  

TheBuy Ukranian store is located at 78 McCullough Drive in  NewCastle, Delaware.  The Buy Ukrainian website, www.Buy-Ukrainian.com, provides all theupdates on products and one can order online from anywhere in the USA.


Buy Ukrainian offers a wide variety of men's andwomen's embroidered clothing, that is a trending fashion apparel nowadays.Ukrainian embroidery has been featured recently in Vogue magazine, style iconsand celebrities are proud to wear it worldwide.

You can also find the original Kyiv Cake andEvening Kyiv (Kyiv Vechirny) chocolate candies - unforgettable must-tastestraight from the Ukrainian capital, the city of Kyiv. One more gem of our giftcollections is traditional Ukrainian icon: embroidered on canvas and rare iconsmade completely of amber. Admirers of folk music will be delighted to exploreUkrainian Christmas Carol CD's featured performed by top artists.


The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council(USUBC), www.USUBC.org, welcomes BuyUkrainian into its membership. USUBC is always pleased to add newcompanies to the membership," said Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, whoserves as President of USUBC." "USUBC looks forward to working withBuy Ukrainian to help achieve its goal to benefit Ukrainians living in the U.S.to have easy access to their favorite food and goods as well as promoteUkrainian producers in the local markets of the U.S".

Victor Palamarchuk,
Founder/CEO, Buy Ukrainianand Ukraine Express
Help@Buy-Ukrainian.com;Tel: 302-273-4853, www.Buy-Ukrainian.com;www.Ukraine-Express.com/en/