WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donbasenergo powergeneration company, Kyiv, Ukraine, has joined the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council(USUBC), www.usubc.org The announcement wasmade today by the USUBC executive committee on behalf of the over 200 companiesand organizations who are members of USUBC. 

altDonbasenergo as a production company is an integrated production complexcombining the electricity and heat generation enterprises. The Company’s mainassets are the power units of Starobeshivska TPP and Slovyanska TPP with totalinstalled capacity of 2,855 MW. The main product of Donbasenergo iselectricity, the share of which in total commercial output amounts to 97.7 %.

TheCompany’s power plants also generate and deliver heat for the towns of Mykolaivka(Slovyansk district) and Novyi Svit (Starobeshevo district), thus ensuringheating supply for all groups of consumers.

Donbasenergo operates and develops seven enterprises (structural units). Eachstructural unit makes its own contribution to the Company’s development and itsfinancial and economic result.

TheCompany’s enterprises perform overhauls, adjustments and trial runs of the heatmachinery and electrical equipment, produce spare parts and accessories forthese types of equipment, develop the new production types, such as foundryoperations, manufacturing of the heat insulation mixtures and materials, engagein design surveys, construction and repair works on the buildings andfacilities of TPPs, provide transportation and other services.

Donbasenergo guarantees good faith fulfillment of its obligations to itsshareholders: it carries out efficient economic activities, pays out thedividends timely and in full. The share of dividends in the allocation of netprofit amounts to 30%.


altTheCompany is a reliable and responsible partner for the local residents andself-government authorities in the areas where its production facilities arelocated: Mykolaivka and Novyi Svit.

Theproduction activities of Donbasenergo’s power plants are the main source forpumping up local budgets, and its social policy is key to supporting the vitalactivities and development of those energy towns.

In 2014, the Company sent out twoclear signals about its responsibility for environment and retaining thenatural potential of Donetsk region and Ukraine.

Donbasenergo became one of the initiators and an active participant in thedevelopment of the National Emission Reduction Plan of Major Pollutants fromLarge Combustion Plants with 50 MW Minimum Nominal Heat Capacity, which matchesthe development strategy of the international Energy Community Ukraine is amember to. The Company also adopted its ground-breaking corporate document, theEnvironmental Management Policy.

USUBC is veryglad to add Donbasenergo to its membership, said Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer,who serves as President and CEO,U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). “Ukraine needs to increase its power production andimprove distribution automation and control systems in this sphere." 

"Wehave already established very close business relations with this company.Donbasenergo supported and co-organized multiple USUBC events, including Receptionfor the U.S. Congress Energy Committee Delegation, that was held in Kyiv in May2015, and Grand Reception for Ukrainian Ministerial Delegation in Washington,D.C. during U.S.-Ukraine Business Forum in July 2015. We hope to maintain andmultiply this cooperation in future”, Morgan Williams said.

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