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Poroshenkosays Ukraine launches large-scale demobilization

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that a large-scalemilitary demobilization process is taking place across the country.

UkraineIs Moving Towards Peace With Russia: Poroshenko

“We know where the Russians and theirproxies are still hiding their weapons, their tanks and their artillery – fornow the order has been given to cease fire, but for how long?” the Ukrainianpresident told. “This is not the end of the war, but instead a change intactics.”

Thesituation in the ATO area has become tense, terrorists fired 8 times during theday

During the last days the armed groupsviolated ceasefire for eight times. According to the ATO press centre at leastthree civilians were killed by terrorists during the last week in Novoazovskyarea.


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EUExtends Sanctions on Russian Officials, Ukraine Separatists

European Union governments agreed on asix-month extension of asset freezes and travel bans on Russians and Ukrainiansaccused of backing the separatist movement in eastern Ukraine. The curbs on 149people and 37 organizations were extended until March 15, 2016, the EU said inan e-mailed statement on Monday. The curbs had been set to lapse on Tuesday.

EU ministers extend Russiablacklist

EU ministers in Brussels Mondayextended the duration, by six months, of visa bans and asset freezes on 150Russians and Ukrainians deemed guilty of stoking the war. The sanctions weredue to expire 15 September but will now last until March. Move comes despitehope of new peace deal.

The EU Councilextended targeted sanctions against individuals and entities of the RussianFederation and Ukraine for six months

On Monday the EU Council adopted anofficial decision to prolong sanctions against the Russian citizens andrepresentatives of institutions of Eastern Ukraine, as well as a number oflegal entities, till March 15, 2016, providing the individual restrictivemeasures.

Merkelurges West to work with Russia on Syria crisis

Germany and other Western Europeanpowers need to work with Russia as well as the United States to solve thecrisis in Syria, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday (12September).


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‚ÄčEconomyminister explains delays in privatization

Ukrainian Economy Minister AivarasAbromavicius argued on Sept. 12 that delays in privatization were due to theneed to ensure the transparency of auctions. He said that he would considerprivatization successful when the two biggest assets on the list would besought by international strategic investors with a transparent shareholderstructure.

The Cabinet ofMinisters has approved the draft State budget-2016. It is to be introduced tothe Parliament, and then it will be withdrawn for final revision

According to Vice-Speaker Kyrylenko, itis not clear yet what tax base will be used for the state budget 2016.According to the government's draft budget the revenue side of the budget willamount to: minus 30 billion UAH - according to the parliamentary variant, andminus 135 billion UAH according the Ministry of Finance."

PresidentPoroshenko told what consequences Russia is going to face

The consequences Russia will face arelow oil prices, investment outflow, limitations in technologies. Thecombination of these three factors will be most effective.



Yatsenyukhopes for increase of pensions, salaries, welfare benefits in Ukraine alreadyin September-October 2015

Ukrainian Prime Minister ArseniyYatsenyuk hopes that on Thursday, Sept. 17, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine willadopt a package of governmental bills that will allow for raising pensions andsalaries of public sector employees already in September-October 2015.

Local elections inoccupied territories can be held only after the appropriate conditions havebeen created

The President stressed that theelections must be free and fair and can be carried out only if there iscompliance with the required standards. "We cannot provide the access ofthe Ukrainian media to that territory, Ukrainian parties can't act there, weare unable to provide human security, protection of the free will - in this caseit's in the hands of Parliament to announce that the elections in thoseterritories will not be held" - said Poroshenko.

Ex-Headof Yushchenko's secretariat has been put on a wanted list by the SecurityService of Ukraine

Mrs. Ulianchenko is accused by ch. 5,Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (misappropriation abuse of office).


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EU Delegation to Ukraine, EuropeanCommissioner

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