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One day of Donbas conflict costs Ukraine $5 mln -Poroshenko

"Each day of the war in Donbas costs us around $5million that we could have invested into sustainable development," he saidat the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York on September 27.

If Ukraine loses war, 'global security will be destroyed'

“I have a very strong bias that a strong, independent,peaceful, secure Ukraine being a bridge between Russia and Europe,” the 42ndPresident of the United States said inviting the Ukrainian President to delivera speech.

Ukraine not ruling out full-scale military aggression byRussia – military doctrine

The scenarios which may pose threats to Ukraine's securityinclude "a full-scale armed aggression by the Russian Federation againstUkraine involving land and, air, aerospace, and marine operations with militaryand political  objectives."

Kyiv reports three attacks on Ukrainian army positions inDonbas

A Ukrainian stronghold in Maryinka came under an hour-longgrenade launcher and large-caliber machine gun attack at 9:17 p.m. FourUkrainian servicemen were injured in the hostile action, the report said.Grenade launcher rounds were fired towards the
positions of Ukrainian units in Novotroitske near Mariupol at about 6 p.m., thepress center said.

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Poroshenko pins hopes on UN talks
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenkosays he wants Monday's planned meeting between President Barack Obama andRussian President Vladimir Putin to lead to better implementation of an accordaimed at halting war in eastern Ukraine.
Russia seizes initiative to end Syria crisis
Russia appeared to seize theinitiative in international efforts to end the conflict in Syria on Sunday (27September) as Washington scrambled to devise a new strategy for the war-ravagedcountry and France sent warplanes to bomb Islamic State targets. Putin saidMoscow, which this month sent tanks and warplanes to a Russian military base inSyria, was itself trying to create a "coordinated framework" toresolve the conflict.
Ukraine's situation important for global security -Merkel
"The federal chancellor notedthat the situation in Ukraine had an important significance for the globalsecurity. In this context, according to her, one should clearly distinguishbetween the security situation in Ukraine and Syria," the report reads.Poroshenko
and Merkel once again agreed that pseudo-elections in the occupied territorieswould disrupt the Minsk process.

Saakashvili's personal agreement is needed to launchprocedure of appointing him as Ukrainian prime minister
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenkohas responded to an online petition asking him to appoint the Odesa region'sGovernor Mikheil Saakashvili Ukraine's prime minister.
Poroshenko signed a law on public procurement
The President signed the law onpublic procurement. According to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade(MEDT), the new law ratifies access to all information and governmenttenders,including bidding, the list of owners of participating companies,assessment protocol. 

Business and Economy
Poroshenko signs law on e-commerce
Law № 675-VIII, adopted by theVerkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 3, 2015, establishes legal requirementsand mechanisms for remote conclusion and execution of transactions with the useof electronic information and communication tools and technologies that willmake it possible to guarantee the legitimacy, transparency and reliability ofsuch transactions and, in turn accelerate the integration process into theglobal information space.
Ukrainian aviation authorities formally notify Russianairlines about sanctions
The Ukrainian government decided onSeptember 25 to ban flights of Russian airlines, among them Aeroflot andTransaero, to Ukraine. 

Energy and Industry
Russia,Ukraine, and EU agree winter gas deal
Ukraine, Russia, and the EuropeanUnion concluded an agreement on the supply of Russian natural gas on Fridayevening (25 September) which the three parties said will ensure Ukraine and EUcountries will have sufficient gas the coming winter.

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European Commission, EU Delegation toUkraine
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