Ukraineto start removing tanks in Donbas on Oct. 20 morning - General Staff

Ukraineis starting to remove tanks from the contact line in Donetsk Oblast on Oct. 20,Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff spokesman Vladyslav Selezniov toldInterfax on Oct. 19.

Twelvecourt sessions in Savchenko case to be held at Rostov region's Donetsk inNovember

The Donetsk City Court has announced a schedule of itshearings of the criminal case against Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko chargedwith involvement in the killing of Russian journalists, anInterfaxcorrespondent reported from the courtroom. 


Around35% of voters are going to participate in the parliamentary elections

According to the study, two political parties are going towin in the elections on October 26 with a considerable gap from competitors.Support rating of political forces among the Ukrainians the following:"Bloc of Petro Poroshenko" - 24.6%, "the Radical Party, OlegLyashko" - 17.1%, in the "Batkivshyna" - 8.2%, "NarodnyiFront" - 7.6% "Strong Ukraine" - 5,7%. 

Business & Economy

Poroshenko supportsderegulation of ports

According to Poroshenko, vessel customs clearance in portshas been delayed because of bribes and other corruption schemes. He said thathe intends to talk with the captains of foreign ships to see what the paperwork situation in Odesa is like.

RussianEconomy Shows Signs of a Bottom

Capital investment, industrial production are still falling,but at slower pace. While retail sales declined more than 10% in September,capital investment and industrial production fell but at a pace slower thanprevious months. 

Energy and Industry

Energoatom preparingto expand use of Westinghouse fuel at Zaporizhia NPP

The company is to accompany the project in 2016-2020.According to the company, the plan to expand the exploitation of modernizedWestinghouse nuclear fuel (WR nuclear fuel assemblies) foresees their use atreactors one, three, four and five of the NPP.

Fall in industrialproduction in Ukraine slows to 5.1% in Sept

The fall in industrial production in Ukraine in September2015 compared to the same month in 2014, due to the effect of comparative base,slowed down to 5.1% against 5.8% in August, 13.4% in July, and 18.1% in June,the State Statistics Service has reported. 

Society, Education & Culture

Morethan half of polled Ukrainians ready for street protests if life gets worse -poll

Today's protest moods in Ukraine are comparable to thoseprior to the 2013-2014 Maidan demonstrations, says Oleksiy Antypovych, the headof Rating, a sociological survey group, based on the findings of a recentsurvey. 

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