We are pleased to announce that a leading architect, engineer and constructor in the United States, has awarded a contract to Holtec International to provide the Company’s patented innovative induced draft air cooled condenser (ACC) system for a power generation project in Elwood, Illinois. The shorthand for Holtec’s induced draft air-cooled condenser system is “HI-KOOL.”

Without exaggeration, HI-KOOL represents a transformative shift in the technology to reject waste heat to ambient air. The coolant ambient air is pulled across the obround finned tubes by the overhead blower, extracting the latent heat from the low-pressure steam flowing inside the tubes (see illustration which shows a sectional view of a 2-cell configuration). A significant benefit of HI-KOOL is the facility’s relatively low profile; it is at least 30 feet shorter in elevation than an equivalent “forced draft” air cooled condenser. Convenient site construction is an important attribute of the HI-KOOL technology. We appreciate the extensive interaction with the Client’s site construction experts to help make HI-KOOL a construction-friendly design embodiment. 

HI-KOOL for the Jackson Generation project features 2 complete ACC systems, each comprised of 24 “cells” in 4 “streets.” The total footprint area of the installed systems is approximately 1.4 hectares.

The tube bundles for the Jackson Generation project will be manufactured at Holtec Asia Manufacturing Division (Dahej, India) which also manufactured the recently completed bundles for the Bridgeport Harbor Project for PSEG Energy. 

A provisional patent on the salient features of HI-KOOL has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Another Holtec innovation that may be of interest to ACC owners is the stainless-steel tube option (patented) that Holtec offers for plants at risk of accelerated corrosion of carbon steel tubes. The successful introduction of HI-KOOL is also a salutary development for Holtec’s SMR-160 reactor program, which will use this air-cooled condenser technology to enable the reactor to be deployed in water-challenged areas. 

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