Front (left to right): Kristine Svinicki, Chairman, NRC; Donald Hintz, Former President, Entergy; Dr. Kris Singh, President & CEO, Holtec. Center (left to right): PK Chaudhary, Sr. VP, Holtec; Edward Halpin, CNO and SVP, Pacific Gas & Electric, Co.; William Levis, President & COO, PSEG Power, LLC; Peter Sena, President & CNO, PSEG Nuclear, LLC; Mano Nazar, President & CNO, Nuclear Division, NextEra Energy; Pierre Oneid, CNO & Sr. VP, Holtec. Back (from left to right): Joe Pollock, VP & Interim CNO, NEI; Bill Pitesa, Sr. VP & CNO, Duke; Timothy Powell, CNO, STP Nuclear Operating Company; Joel Gebbie, CNO, American Electric Power.

On August 8, 2017, in a private ceremony at the Hay-Adams Hotel, Holtec’s Dr. Kris Singh presented the Energy Statesman Award to Mr. Donald C. Hintz for his outstanding contributions to advance and nurture nuclear power and for his decades of distinguished service to the nuclear industry to ensure a safe and green energy option for America and the world.

Mr. Hintz held executive positions of increasing responsibility at Entergy starting in 1989, becoming its President in 1999. He retired from Entergy in 2004 and has since then served as a member of Entergy’s Board of Directors.

From his perch at Entergy in the 90s, Don Hintz emerged as a transformative figure in the industry, leading Entergy to expand both the size and efficiency of its nuclear fleet through a series of canny acquisitions.  Along the way, he built an impressive bench of nuclear management talent. Several attendees at the dinner spoke of Don’s role in reviving the struggling nuclear industry in the 90’s and the outsize role played by the Entergy alumni in rejuvenating nuclear plants around the country.  In his brief remarks, Mr. Hintz called upon the US government to formulate a well-conceived government policy that recognizes the crucially important role for nuclear energy industry in the US, and to undertake steps to protect it from further decline.
According to the award’s charter, the awardee must have made significant contributions in the field of clean energy and be retired from active service, having essentially completed his/her body of work in the field. The honoree’s name on the plaque, visible in the photo above, is made of the industry’s only nanotechnology-based material – Metamic HT.  Prior recipients of Holtec’s Energy Statesman award are Mr. Michael Kansler and Mr. Oliver Kingsley.
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