We are pleased to report that the technology milestones achieved over the past three years in our decommissioning program, which is moving apace at three nuclear plant sites, is winning kudos from regional publications. Our environmental achievements, such as a dramatic reduction in the quantity of contaminated waste to be buried, introduction of a new class of waste containers which drastically reduce the number of packages resulting in significantly reduced traffic for off-site transport, and artful deployment of the plant’s waste heat to minimize the quantity of plant’s process water to be treated and discharged to the environment. One such innovative process was at Pilgrim, where we evaporated off some 680,000 gallons of water over the past two years without using a single ounce of fossil fuel or watt of electricity. That pool has since been emptied of spent fuel as of December 2021. Without the innovative solution, we would have needed some 8 billion BTUs of fossil fuel to evaporate that quantity of water.

We are pleased to observe that our innovative solutions that protect the environment have led Holtec Decommissioning International President Kelly Trice to be named to New York regional publication City & State’s Energy & Environment Power 100. This list of who’s who in the energy industry in New York identifies public officials, energy executives, environmentalists, activists, academics and others who are in the thick of the energy and environment debates – and reinventing how New Yorkers get their power.

City & State says, “When the time came to shut down Indian Point’s nuclear reactors in April 2021, Entergy handed over the keys of the complex to Holtec to decontaminate the site and make the surrounding area safe for residents and workers.” The publication extolled Holtec’s decommissioning team citing HDI President Kelly Trice’s “three decades of management expertise in decommissioning nuclear facilities to oversee the clean-up on the 240-acre site.”

City & State New York 2021 Energy &
Environment Power 100 Recognition Plaque

In addition, Holtec International President & Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kris Singh and the company were recognized by regional publication NJBiz, in its Manufacturing Power 50 list.

NJBiz 2021 Manufacturing Power 50 Recognition Plaque

“We are gratified by the media’s recognition of our efforts to serve as able guardians of the environment,” says Holtec’s Chief Nuclear Officer Pierre Oneid, adding, “Constellation, successor to Exelon Generation, debuted on the NASDAQ today, Wednesday, February 2. Our company has a large business nexus with Constellation, and we wish them the very best as an independent company.”