WASHINGTON, D.C.- JUSCUTUM ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION, aUkrainian law firm headquartered in Kyiv, has become the latest firm tojoin the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).  The announcement was madetoday by the USUBC executive committee on behalf of the over 200 companies andorganizations who are members of USUBC.  


The Juscutum Attorneys Association is designed to provide legal support toinnovative businesses domestically and internationally. Being a classical lawfirm with a full range of legal services (dispute resolution, corporate law,tax law, international business administration, white-collar crimes), Juscutumalso has some unique industry specializations: IT & Media.

Juscutum is a member of the World IT Lawyers, http://www.worlditlawyers.com/, aglobal alliance of law specializing in IT law and is also a member ofthe International Fiscal Association (IFA), www.ifa.nl/Pages/default.aspx.

Juscutum is represented in the Ukrainian Law Firms 2014,2015, http://ukrainianlawfirms.com/: A Handbook for Foreign Clients (ULF), a comprehensive annual survey ofthe Ukrainian legal market. The firm is named in the TOP 5 of Law Firms inmedia, telecommunications and intellectual property law as well as inwhite-collar crime according to internal rankings.

They are also legal representatives of the Red Cross Society, of severalparticipants in the Eurovision Song Contest and a number of Ukrainian museums,cinemas and theaters as a pro- bono. Juscutum is also an organizer of theannual cross-borders jazz festival JazzBez.

Juscutum Pro bono (from Lat. Pro bono publico – “for the publicgood”) is a priority of the firm and is aimed at providing professional adviceto scientific, art and cultural organizations in Ukraine,as well as to individuals who cannot afford such advice. For example, thanks tothe efforts of the Juscutum team, the National Botanic Garden named after N. N.Grishko protected its rights for the land and prevented dispossession.

Juscutum provides services in the following areas: IT & Media; white-collarcrime; tax law; corporate law; dispute resolution; international businessadministration, abuse-teams for ISP’s and various web-platforms; corporatestructuring; startup-friendly legal services; legal support of venturetransactions; accounting for technology companies; intellectual propertyprotection; handling defamation disputes in the internet; cyber-crimes;International and domestic tax consulting; and compliance.

Specialists ofJuscutum study in details the client’s business and its special featuresin order to solve possible problems effectively and promptly, to prevent manyof them. The company’s specialists are experienced in business support of theproduction enterprises, investment companies, trade companies, the restaurantsand catering establishments, sport, scientific and educational institutions, electricpower companies, publishing and building companies.

Youcan watch the cartoon that Juscutum recently developed about  theE-commerce Law in Ukraine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=1&v=wbTa8yh27sc

Geographical location of clientsvaries from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Georgia to the USA, France,Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands. Among key clients are: Ciklum, Miratech,ISM Company, Confidence, NixSolutions, Innovecs, Kuna Bitcoin Agency, BMSConsulting, DatasEgar Technologies, Symphony EYC.

The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), www.USUBC.org, , is very proud to add JuscutumAttorney Association to its membership. USUBC is always pleased to welcome newcompanies to the membership," said Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, whoserves as President of USUBC." "USUBC looks forward to working with"Juscutum" to help it in developing legitimate environment for IT,media and other progressive businesses in Ukraine and abroad", MorganWilliams said.



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