This year Deloitte has analyzed financial figures of the largest companies of Central and Eastern Europe.

NIBULON has entered the eighth annual rating “Top 500 largest companies of Central and Eastern Europe” making by the international auditing and consulting company Deloitte.

This year Deloitte has analyzed financial figures of the largest companies of Central and Eastern Europe for the eighth time. Totally, 53 Ukrainian companies have entered the rating that is by 2 companies more than last year.

According to the rating authors, during 2013 Ukrainian companies demonstrated considerable slowdown of income growth rates. In terms of hryvna their growth slowed down up to 3,2% compared to 7,2% last year. In terms of euro the dynamics remains at zero level.

Despite this, the authors noted positive tendencies. Thus, consumer sector and transport demonstrated the highest growth compared to other Ukraine’s sectors. Almost half of Ukrainian companies entering this year’s rating are the representatives of this industry (26 companies). Moreover, their quantity has increased in comparison with last year. In particular, the number of Ukrainian agrarian companies in the rating has increased up to 8. NIBULON being among the top 500 best companies took 169th place with the income of Euro 1120.1 million in 2013, thus, leaving behind such domestic agrarian companies as Cargill Ukraine (283rd place), Serna (488th place), Bunge Ukraine (492nd place).

Skilful combination of different types of activities makes it possible for NIBULON to be successful and to take leading positions in different sectors of economy (agrarian production and export of agricultural products, shipbuilding and navigation, logistics and construction). The whole world is aware of NIBULON’s complex investment program to revive the Dnipro and the Southern BugRivers as navigation waterways of Ukraine. Within this program the company constructs a network of elevator complexes and river terminals and also creates its own cargo fleet. Such many-sided activity of the company opens opportunities and potential of not only agrarian sector but also Ukraine’s economy in whole. According to the last year’s results, Ukraine has entered the top three largest world grain exporters with a figure of 32.3 million tons of grain, and NIBULON ensured about 14% of this volume, having become Ukraine’s largest exporter.

NIBULON plans to develop elevator sector and to bring its own elevator capacities up to 2.5 million tons (at 1.7 million tons available), to ensure water transportation up to 3 million tons per year, to continue cargo fleet construction at the shipbuilding and repair yard “NIBULON” and to carry out many other tasks.

According to NIBULON’s General Director Oleksiy Vadaturskyy, one of the key factors for further agrarian sector development is cooperation and dialogue between authorities and business that is shown in legislative base improvement, market stability, support of business initiatives and attraction of foreign and domestic investors to work in Ukraine. 

According to Deloitte.