MIKOLAYIV, UKRAINE - Today, despite flags and faces, we must be honest, selfless and reasonable. Our Motherland is in danger; it needs to be protected.

The current events in the Crimea are an illegal takeover of our country.  The classic and proved scheme of the illegal takeover of companies is used: at the end of the working week or on weekends there appear armed people; they block security service and remove it from the territory, then they introduce their director and announce him to be a manager of a company. All illegal activities are confirmed by some doubtful documents or judicial decision accompanying by a promotional event “we are good, everything will be fine”.

This scheme is used both in Russia and Ukraine. Why should one be engaged in privatization of SE GTSPC “Zorya-Mashproekt”? Let us assign a director and“Zorya-Mashproekt” is someone’s in fact. “Cheap but good”. This has happened to JSC “Chernomorskyy Shipbuilding Yard” and the shipbuilding yard “Okean”.

The same thing is observed in the Crimea: Sevastopol city is ruled by a Russophile mayor; at gun point there has been “selected” Sergiy Aksenov, a hater of Ukraine, as chairman of the Crimea’s government; Ukrainian army is being blocked; a lot of armed people are occupying our peninsula. And now a faked referendum is being prepared, and all this is accompanied by the most anti-Ukrainian, dirty, false and hostile propaganda in the post-soviet history.

We must understand that propaganda is a very dangerous mass destruction weapon used cynically against our country, our people. We must treat it as a weapon, information aggression, purposeful intimidation and misinformation. They want us to stop thinking, to stop believing our own eyes. They want us to believe that Motherland means nothing for us that we are not able to choose our destiny and our future. Russian authorities want to choose our future themselves promising happiness to the Ukrainian citizens.

Never believe people who promise to make your life better. They will not. Today Russia has a lot of inner problems, because Russia is not only Moscow, St. Petersburg and those things shown by TV. Russia is depressive towns and villages controlled by the local oligarchs, insane corruption and complete absence of freedom. Existence of energy resources has demoralized Russian authorities. Profit from natural resources is taken by Russian elite who has been robbing its citizens for many years.

We have had the same situation, but now we have a chance to change everything in our country.

Being asked what we should wait for in case of rapprochement with Russia, I say that nothing should be waited for, and everything is known and demonstrated to Mykolayiv citizens by example of our shipbuilding sector. Try and remember the Churkins (Russian brothers) who destroyed JSC “Chernomorskyy Shipbuilding Yard”, the legend of domestic shipbuilding. 

I do not know whether they had such a mission to destroy this shipyard, but they promised to honor traditions, to raise wages, to develop social sector; they said about stock of orders. They were not sparing of beautiful words, and today those who want to betray trustful citizens of the Crimea and southeast of Ukraine also say beautiful words. And we must remember that actions speak louder than words.

After the Churkins there came another bright representative of Russian business. Firstly, he was allowed to head Kherson shipyard, then JSC “Chernomorskyy Shipbuilding Yard”, and then he got the shipbuilding yard “Okean”, and he controlled SE “Shipbuilding yard named after 61 Kommunards”. How, on what grounds and laws? Yes, the previous authorities provided him with the Ukrainian citizenship for his outstanding “services”, but his business style remained the same.

The whole Ukraine’s business system is traced from Russian one: both voucher privatization, and state property plunder, connection of business with crime and their common accession to power. Certainly, these people came to power not to build and to create but to share and to take away cash flow.

This Russian experience, tested there and then quickly and successfully implemented here, was used to constantly rob people, to take away all their money and then hide this wealth in Europe and America in order to start legal business, to live, to receive treatment, to teach children there. The motive is clear and cynical: to rob here in order to have wonderful life there. That is why Ukraine’s people are a forage base but nothing more than that. 

We were able to overcome that period, when a businessman had to go not to the minister or governor but to that person who had appointed them in order to solve some issues; when the whole economy sectors and authorities were “privatized” and cash flow is controlled by shadow “observers”. Such a system was created everywhere. Russia is used to doing business in such a way. Consequently, it was decided to do business in Ukraine according to the same rules.

We hear the Russian Federation President lie about Russian army in the Crimea’s territory, Ukraine’s sovereign territory. We hear him tell lies to the Russian citizens, to the whole world, and to the Ukrainians. Is it possible to expect honest actions and decisions towards inhabitants of the Crimea and other regions of Ukraine?

We must honestly say that today our territory is being occupied by our “neighbour”. Strange people, “green little men” without identification signs, have entered our house, as well as cutthroats from “Vostok” (East) group. They have come to us with weapon and tell us about protection. To protect from whom? Yes, we have problems, but every house and every family have both quarrels, and discords.

We will solve them ourselves! We will clear out reasons for quarrels and will reconcile and live peacefully and happily in our house. When in Rome do as the Romans do.  We need not your advice; everyone knows that even the closest relatives should not butt in their advice and all the more use weapon and threats.

At present we have a chance to remove corruption, to live a normal life; working people will receive deserved wage and they will be able to support a family, to receive treatment, to teach children. This is proved by selfless protection of Ukraine’s independence and integrity demonstrated on the Maidan by the people from Western region. These very people know how the Europeans are protected in comparison with Ukraine’s people.

The Ukrainian businessmen have got a chance to get rid of corruption burden that had almost destroyed any business initiative in our country; a chance to forget about kickbacks and bribes, to invest earned money in the development of companies and wage increase.

Our politicians have got a chance to develop such a system of power that will help our country to overcome devastation, to rebuild economy and to take a worthy place on the world map.

Today Ukraine has a legal power.

Though, at present we do not have our president, he ran away from the country, left his electors, political team-mates, party. But we have the lawfully elected parliament, government, the head of Verhovna Rada – acting President; they are approved by the legitimate parliament; heads of the regional state administrations have been appointed. And those who continue to say about illegitimacy of the Ukrainian authorities wish us harm. And if we do not want to play into the hands of ill-wishers and enemies, do not want chaos in our country, we must stop this talk.

Today each citizen’s duty is to unite for the sake of our Motherland, for the sake of integrity and our bright future. No matter who you are, what your political views are, it is necessary to help our authorities to restore order and to raise our country. Let us forget quarrels; it is not the right time to sort out our relations! Our common task is to maintain peace in our country!

It does not mean that we will allow our authorities to be irresponsible. No, anyone who rules our country or will rule tomorrow must remember the reason for the Maidan; new managers must understand that there will be no more tortures over the country. In fact, in blood and smoke of the Maidan, where Doctors of Sciences, artists, designers, villagers, workers, musicians, businessmen stood, there was born a new citizen of Ukraine.

Not without reason European politicians admiringly admit that none of the world’s revolutions for the last century was able to raise the society on such a qualitatively new level like it was in Ukraine. These people are different; they are brave, strong, reasonable, responsible, and exacting at the same time. Next to the portraits of presidents and party leaders in the offices of new managers there must be photos depicting the Maidan’s struggle for Ukraine’s prosperity.

They must always remember what for the “Heavenly Hundred” died; they must always hear the Maidan’s voice not to let their conscience fall asleep. I have told new authorities that I would help in everything. But if I will find out about illegal activities, then do not be offended.

There must not be any display of separatism in our country and in my native Mykolayiv city. Those who call for Ukraine’s split are enemies according to the laws both state and human. I do not know motives of those people who wear St. George Ribbons and are for Ukraine’s breakdown. Stupidity, short-sightedness, materialism, money interest are at the heart of it. NIBULON has its branches in 12 regions of Ukraine, and I am aware of the situation at the border with Russia.

I know that in the territory of Russia and frontier settlements the provokers are recruiting people for “political tourism” to our country in order to organize meetings, to shout, fight and show foreign flags. The same people visit different regions of Ukraine. Foreign people are coming to us to destroy our common home, and here their ideological or non-ideological accomplices are present, trying to cross out our future. These people assisting aggressors were born by the previous criminal authorities.

Let special services solve this problem, but we must remain unprovoked, must not attend their meetings and retell their nonsense. We have to understand that those who did nothing can wish harm to his country. They are dependants who have nothing to value. Their shouts have nothing except need for destruction, unmotivated aggression, and denial of any dissent!

When hearing that Russian language is infringed in our country, I start laughing. I remember being awarded “Hero of Ukraine” title by Viktor Yushchencko who was Ukraine’s President at that time and my speech was in Russian. No one had any idea to pay attention to the language.

The language theme is forced, artificial and exaggerated by those who want to split the Ukrainian society. People fabricating the language problem compare the Maidan’s self-defense with the Crimea’s pseudo-self-defense. Despite this, the Russian special squad soldiers are still aggressors in the Crimea.

“Bandera threat” is absolutely fabricated and artificial. We cooperate with the Western Ukraine; a lot of people from this region of Ukraine work for our company; in Mykolayiv city there are many talented doctors and teachers who came from the Western Ukraine. They are good, honest, highly-skilled people.

And our citizens who believe in “Bandera threat” are victims of dirty technologies and information war started against Ukraine in order to split our integrity. Let us recover and stop doing silly things, because our enemies count on stupidity and trustfulness of people who are not interested in real events happening around. 

We have problem issues to be solved immediately: order and safety. I do not understand why our law enforcement authorities are inactive: they have all reasons to stop disorder without additional orders of their heads. If in the evening aggressive people with sticks walk in our city, they must be arrested until the circumstances are clarified. It is necessary to find out where these people are from, why they have such things. We must stop such walks in our city.

If the police cannot cope with its tasks, let us revive volunteer public order squads. If several hooligans are arrested for a five-day term, there will be less such people. But citizens must be involved in the process of putting things in order. If you see a group of people with sticks or something else, phone the police and tell them about it. In case the police will not react appropriately, phone the police management or inform mass-media.

We must thank our journalists for doing their duty in such a difficult period. They are attacked and beaten in the Crimea, their devices are damaged. Only criminals are afraid of witnesses and documentary conformation of their own crimes. An honest person has nothing to hide.

Another topic that must be discussed is Lenin monument demolition. I do not like the way it was demolished either. It could have been dismantled and transferred for storage to the museum. We have a lot of urgent tasks. Dismantling of Lenin monument brings tragedy neither for our city nor for its inhabitants.

I was a spectator of many monuments being demolished, namely Stalin, Dzerzhynskyy, Karl Marks, Lenin monuments. What are we afraid of? Who were all these people for Ukraine, Mykolayiv city? We must think that one hundred years ago people’s faith in God was taken away from; their Christian values were crushed; people’s spirituality was suppressed.

Dissentients were abolished; they wanted people to be dutiful soldiers of revolution, dutiful communism builders. Consequently, churches were destroyed; crosses and bells were replaced with idols. Let us calm down, Lenin in Ukraine’s history is just a tragic and bloody page. Today we have another trouble, a real trouble. The enemy is at the gates, integrity of our country is put on a map. The destiny of Ukraine is at stake now. Don’t be fobbed off! Do not pay attention to the fabricated problem.

Today our history is at stake. When the USSR was collapsing, there was a meaningful picture published by a newspaper: a long train loaded with grain, metal, coal, products and others. The train was named “Ukraine”, and the article described the quantity of bread we grew, coal and gas we mined, sugar and metal we produced, and what Russia would do without it.

Today one must admit that our train was not allowed to be independent; we were on gas and credit “needle”, and at the same time our train was being robbed. Today the Kremlin authorities have shown their real face. I hope that this face will sober us, save from illusions.

I can understand those old people missing the Soviet Union and projecting their nostalgia for the past on Russia. It is like a person who lost his hand and feels hand ache for a long time. It is a phantom pain. We just need to learn not to feel sorry for things which have gone. Nobody prevents us from living peacefully with each other.

Ukraine has its own way – the European Union. We need not to be a part of the empire; we need an equal union, where everyone follows the rules of neighbourhood and cooperation, where people do not want to make good at another’s expense or to reach something by blackmailing. We will decide ourselves how to live. That is why we are for the European rules and have accepted the civilized business philosophy; as a result, for many years we have managed to become the successful and famous company enjoying confidence of the international financial institutions and foreign partners.    

Now we have to lend our shoulder to the authorities, to save state funds in order to direct them to structural reforms that are extremely necessary for our country. Our international partners will help us more often receiving evidence that this assistance is used according to its intended purpose. This money will be used for certain programs.

Use of money will be strictly controlled by the partners. And we must agree with it and report on every copeck spent. Only in this way we will learn to live according to the rules of the civilized world. USD 20-30 billion to be allocated by the international community in the near future will help us to make our country prosperous and successful within the shortest terms.

As we can see, we have quite real prospects, but the internal and external situation is dangerous. What should we do in such a situation?

Firstly, to speak with people. Today nobody explains what has happened, what can be in future, how to act. It is necessary to meet with people, directors of schools to speak with them. Then directors will meet with teachers and answer their questions. The teachers can share information with parents during parents’ meetings. It is very important to visit every village. Who else will explain everything there except teachers or directors?

Our society has lost connection, communication and the current situation is a result of communication breaking. It also concerns enterprises. Managers know what to do and how to act, how it is important that people understand the decisions made, the ways of the company’s development, its cooperation and activities.

The regional council, city council, councils of all levels must gather deputies of previous legislature who belong to different parties: communists, socialists, Party of Regions, BYUT (Yulia Tymoshenko Block), Udar (Punch) Party or Nasha Ukraina (Our Ukraine) Party and tell them that we are different, we have different views, but our goal is the same – to keep the integrity of our country, to protect people who chose us.  

Today, despite flags and faces, we must be honest, selfless and reasonable. Our Motherland is in danger; it needs to be protected. We have no right to lose. The history will not forgive us!
NOTE:  Oleksiy Vadaturskyy, interviewed by Oksana Tyhonchuk
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