HI-STAR 190 with canister in view

We are pleased to report that HI-STAR 190, designed with the lofty goal to transport used nuclear fuel produced by any commercial reactor, has received its initial certification from the USNRC and the Ukrainian regulator, SNRIU. The initial license by the USNRC includes Holtec’s largest canisters MPC-37 (PWR) & MPC-89 (BWR).  VVER canisters MPC-31 & MPC-85 have been certified for transport in HI-STAR 190 by SNRIU.  Other canister types, supplied by Holtec and other cask suppliers and in use at various nuclear plants, will be submitted for certification at a later date to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

HI-STAR 190 transport package without support saddles and personnel barrier

The first batch of HI-STAR 190s is being co-produced by our plants in Pittsburgh (Holtec Manufacturing Division) and Camden (Advanced Manufacturing Division). They will be used for delivering loaded canisters from Ukraine’s nuclear plants to the nation’s Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility being built in the north of the country.
“HI-STAR 190 is the ‘alpha-cask’ in our fleet of casks; it is the most heavily shielded, most versatile and most rugged cask in the nuclear industry. It exquisitely fulfills our corporate mission to design casks that provide utmost protection of public health and safety. We thank the NRC and SNRIU for their diligent reviews and for meeting a challenging review schedule on a technically complex cask,” says Holtec’s VP of Engineering, Dr. Stefan Anton.
HI-STAR 190 will be our workhorse for transporting the canisters from the on-site ISFSIs to the Consolidated Interim Storage Facility in southeast New Mexico, called HI-STORE CIS, being developed in collaboration with our local community partner, ELEA, LLC. ELEA’s chairman, Mr. John Heaton, hailed the licensing of HI-STAR 190, calling it a “major step towards making HI-STORE CIS a reality and towards meeting the needs of restive communities in California and elsewhere wishing to convert their nuclear plant sites to non-power generation use.”

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