On 6 October 2015 the Law “OnAmendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding Improvement of Transparency inReal Estate Relations Aimed at Preventing Corruption” (hereinafter – the“Law”*) came into force.

In particular, this Law sets the following:

  • free public online access to the information within the State Land Cadastre, including information regarding owners of land plots;
  • upon request (either online or paper form) of individuals and legal entities, information from the State Register of Property Rights on Immovable Property (hereinafter – the “Register”) will be provided in respect of the owners as well as in respect of the real estate objects.

This means that starting from 6October every person is able to receive information regarding owners of realestate objects in Ukraine.

We will continue to monitor developments on this new Law and provide you withupdates.

* LawNo.597-VIII dated 14 July 2015



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