UIA is deeplyconcerned with destructive actions of the Russian authorities and theircontroversial stand on transit flights of Ukrainian airlines banned fromtransit over the Russian territory.

Russia's unilateral actions of banning flightsforce UIA to significantly lengthen its air routes from Ukraine to the East.This will lead to increase in operating costs by 15-20%, as well as to flightdelays, which will cause significant discomfort to passengers.

According to the Main Air Traffic Management Centreof the Unified Air Traffic Management System of the Russian Federation, theRussian authorities refuse processing UIA's application to performflights from Kiev to Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan through permittedentry points to the airspace of the Russian Federation.

UIA informs that it is forced to operate flights onlengthened routes, and expresses apologies to all of its passengers andpartners for the discomfort caused due to a fault of the Russian authorities.

The company is deeply concerned aboutthe fact that the Russian authorities are trying to use air transport as a toolfor political pressure, cynically ignoring the interests of thousands ofcitizens from dozens of countries being the UIA passengers.

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