KYIV.........Skhidenergo LLC on October 17, 2011 started exporting electricity to Poland, a source in the government has told Interfax-Ukraine. He said that Skhidenergo, part of the largest Ukrainian private energy holding DTEK, had the right to export electricity to Poland in October and bought the lots to export electricity in November 2011.

In turn, Poland's PSE Operator conducted a tender on the right to use the Ukrainian-Polish interstate power grid in the period from October 15 to December 31, 2011. Two companies took part in the tender, and the winner bought the lots at PLN 0.22 per megawatt-hour.

As reported, Ukraine stopped commercial electricity supplies to Poland in December 2009. Kyiv-based Ukrinterenergo exported Ukrainian electricity to Poland's Zomar S.A. Ukrainian electricity supplies in January-August 2009 were small, as Ukrainian law was uncompetitive on the Polish market due to its high price.

Ukraine in 2007 supplied to Poland 641.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. It supplied 778.6 million kilowatt-hours in 2008 and 201.5 million kilowatt-hours in 2009. In 2010 and January-August 2011 Ukraine did not export electricity to Poland.

The key exporter of Ukrainian electricity in 2011 has been the largest private vertically integrated holding DTEK, which plans to increase electricity exports by 3.3 times this year by 2.8 billion kilowatt-hours compared to 2010, to four billion kilowatt-hours. It increased exports 8.4 times year-on-year in H1, 2011, to 2.138 million kilowatt-hours.

DTEK was established in 2005 to manage the energy assets of System Capital Management (SCM, Donetsk) belonging to Ukrainian billionaire businessman and MP Rinat Akhmetov. Ukraine increased its electricity exports by 54.3% January through September 2011 year-on-year, to 4.236 billion kilowatt-hours.

Electricity exports from the Burshtyn Energy Island to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania surged by 3.8 times, to 2.102 billion kilowatt-hours.