The Ukrainian Freedom Fund (UFF) was officially launched at a press conference in Kyiv on April 29th, to help centrally collect and convert donations into support for military units located on the Ukrainian State Borders. 

Ukraine Army

The Fund, set up three weeks ago through a joint initiative of Andrew Bain, President and Owner of Atlantic Group, one of Ukraine’s largest communications holding companies, Olha Bosak of OB Management Consulting and others, has a mission to help facilitate the security of free, independent, and democratic Ukraine by helping the Ukrainian Army keep the Ukrainian borders secure. 

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) and international business community is endorsing the goals and initiatives of UFF to support Ukrainian army. 

The UFF’s objective is to raise money to purchase relevant non-lethal equipment directly from manufacturers and deliver it directly to Ukrainian military units that need it. The Fund initially seeks to raise USD 5 million, followed by a second stage of USD 50 million.

The Fund has already received numerous endorsements: The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine stated on its website: “We welcome the initiative of the Free Ukraine Foundation in the promotion of money collect and the provision for Ukrainian military of equipment needed to ensure freedom, independence and democracy in Ukraine.”

Transparency is assured as the Fund’s activities and financial reporting will be independently audited by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and UFF will keep its financial reporting open for interested supporting parties.

“We welcome this initiative of the Ukrainian Freedom Fund, a project to support a free, independent and democratic Ukraine. The country is under attack, and a fundraising programme is of pivotal importance to help safeguard the future of an independent and sovereign Ukraine,” commented Andy Hunder, Director of the Ukrainian Institute in London.

To date, the Fund has purchased Body Armour (20 pieces) provided to Paratrooper Battalion in Mykolaiv; Railcar mounts enabling transport of armoured vehicles from Bila Tsekva to Kramatorsk; Vehicle batteries (68 pieces) provided to Chemical Warfare Unit and Body Armour (20 pieces) for Kharkiv Interior Ministry Cadets. Next purchases will include, vehicle batteries, body armour, computer routers, spare parts, bandages, etc.

UFF coordinates and ensures lists of items of which the Ukrainian Army units are in short supply and purchases items from manufacturers in competitive bids with a focus on price and quality, with priority given to Ukrainian manufacturers and suppliers. It secures transparent means of collecting money and tracks distribution of purchased equipment and supplies.

Financial contributions may be made via PayPal or by wiring money to one of the two accounts, being used exclusively for these transactions on the UFF site

Ukraine Crisis Media Center Press Conference Andrew Bain, Olha Bosak,