WASHINGTON, D.C. - The UKRAINIANFREEDOM FUND (UFF), www.UKRFREEDOMFUND.org, wascreated by members of the Ukrainian and international business community. UFF’s long term Vision is to help create a free, independent, democraticUkraine where Ukrainians and all nationalities have the right to freelyassociate and express their will in an open civil society free fromcorruption.   

The Ukrainian Freedom Fund (UFF), www.ukrfreedomfund.org is anofficially registered NGO in Ukraine that works internationally, collectingdonations from all over the world. UFF’s Vision for a free democratic Ukrainedemands humanitarian assistance to sustain the current crisis. UFF is committedto helping provide the first aid, medical and protective material required todefend Ukraine’s ancient lands and the rights of its people. 

UFF has already raised over $260,000 in funds which has beenused to purchase and deliver critical humanitarian assistance in Ukraine. 

Members of the business community(see major endorsements listbelow), including members of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), www.USUBC.org, have joined together toestablish a transparent way for people and organizations to donate money whichwill be used to buy humanitarian, non-lethal and protective equipment for theArmy, National Guard and security services of Ukraine. 

UFF recognizes that the financial system inherited by thenew government were left in such bad shape by the old regime that only throughoutside assistance can Ukraine hope to defend itself. Given the lack ofmaterial support from other countries, donation and crowd-funding areabsolutely necessary to provide even the most basic equipment.

UFF acts as the logistical tie between the suppliers and the front lineunits to speed up response time and avoid standard governmentaldelays. UFF staff in Kyiv, Ukraine communicates directly with theRegimental and battalion commanders at the front line to understand their mosturgent needs.  UFF also liaisons with the Ministry of Defense and NationalSecurity and Defense Council leadership to understand strategic priorities. 

UFF commits that, where possible, it will apply funds to thepurchase of material within 48 hours of receipt with direct delivery to endusers, including full documentation of receipt and photographic evidence.Please look at the weekly Letter to Donors on the UFF facebookpage https://www.facebook.com/ukrmilcf,to see up-to-date accounting of donations and use of funds 

UFF has received majorendorsements from the National Guard ofUkraine, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, European BusinessAssociation (EBA); EU Ukraine Business Council (EUUBC),  U.S.-UkraineBusiness Council (USUBC), Georgian-Ukrainian Business Club, and theU.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF). All financial and operational activitiesof UFF are given assurance and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Thoseparticipating are welcome to audit open books on site and look through how themoney was allocated.

International donors can give direct via bank wire, creditcard or PayPal via website www.ukrfreedomfund.org.UnitedStates donors can receive a tax deduction by donating via the US-UkraineFoundation (USUF), Washington, D.C., via their website (www.USUKRAINE.org) or throughUSUF's PayPal account. Please be sure to note UFF asthe recipient.  USUF, Washington, D.C., is the fiscal sponsor of theUkrainian Freedom Fund (UFF).

All of the various ways one can donate are explained on theUFF website www.ukrfreedomefund.org,click on DONATE.UFF has already raised over $260,000 in funds which has beenused to purchase and deliver critical humanitarian assistance. Donors can alsogo to the USUF website, www.USUKRAINE.org,and click on DONATE and designate UFF as the recipient. 

NOTICE:FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT:  Andy Bain, Kyiv,abain@ukrfreedomfund.org; OlgaBosak, Kyiv, obosak@ukrfreedomfund.org; JohnKun, Washington, D.C., jkun@usukraine.org; orLada Pastushak, Washington, D.C., lpastushak@usubc.org. 

UKRAINIANFREEDOM FUND (UFF)Supportingfreedom, securing the future, donate today, www.UKRFREEDOMFUND.org. 

NEWS: For the latest news about Ukraine go to the KYIV POST website: www.KyivPost.com.

The Kyiv Post of the ISTILGroup is a member of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).  

Also check outthe website: Ukraine Business Online:  http://ukrainebusiness.com.ua/news/11306.html
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