Web-site KM Portal at www.kmp.ua offers:

  1.      strong analytical and other useful materials on tax and legal issues,
  2.      opportunity to publish your analytical materials on tax and legal issues on highly attended informational web-site. And to gain scores for the raising of qualification if you are an attorney at law.

KM Portal web-site is a part of the information agency WTS Consulting LLC. KM Portal is regularly updated with new materials that highlight and analyze the latest changes in legislation, important practical issues, offer solutions to tricky situations etc.

KM Portal contains the following sections:

  1. Analytics - http://kmp.ua/en/category/analytics/. Here you can find analytical materials on the latest changes in the tax and legal fields, new court practice, interesting decisions of the ECHR etc.
  2. Blog - http://kmp.ua/en/category/blog/. In this section, the leading lawyers of Ukraine share their unofficial position and provide their thoughts on the painful legal subjects.
  3. Projects and publications - http://kmp.ua/en/category/projects/. Will be of interest to those who care about the problems of law and reforms in Ukraine.
  4. Chronicles and faces – http://kmp.ua/en/category/cronicles/. Keep up with the most interesting events and individual achievements on the legal market.
  5.  Useful documents - http://kmp.ua/en/category/documents/. Contains document templates and instructions, clarifications made by Ukrainian state bodies, translations of ECHR texts etc.
  6. Prose - http://kmp.ua/en/category/tales/ - to support optimism in Ukrainian realities.

For your convenience KM Portal has a search function. You can search for materials by the following criteria:

  • themes
  • categories
  • years.

For today the main content of KM Portal is produced by the experts of Ukrainian law firm WTS Consulting LLC, known under the brand name KM Partners, and KM Partners Attorneys at Law. The long-time experience, combined with a strict editorial policy and high corporate standards to the materials of KM Portal, is the guarantee of quality. This is confirmed by the high attendance of the portal.

Now KM Portal offers everyone to contribute and publish analytical materials on the Portal. You can send to the editorial board of KM Portal the materials on the following issues:

  •           taxation
  •           land
  •           real estate
  •           customs
  •           labor
  •           criminal proceedings
  •           other legal issues.

This opportunity is provided to everyone interested for free. Materials will be considered for publication on the portal in case of compliance with the rules and requirements of KM Portal, after review by the editorial board.

WTC Consulting LLC agency is officially registered as information activity subject and meets NAAU requirements to "electronic specialized and professional editions". That means that publications of attorneys at law on KM Portal may be used to gain scores for the raising of qualification.

The requirements to the materials and other regulations for publishing can be found here: http://kmp.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Redaktsijna-polityka.pdf.