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Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence: What Business Leaders Need to Know

to Be Prepared For the Next Generation Cyber Threats

(Thu, Oct 21, 2021 | 10:00 a.m., EDT, 5:00 p.m. EEST)

INVITATION – “Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence: What Business Leaders Need to Know to Be Prepared For the Next Generation Cyber Threats” webinar organized and hosted by the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) in partnership with ISSP (Information Systems Security Partners) on Thursday, Thu, Oct 21, 2021 | 10:00 a.m., EDT, 5:00 p.m. EEST, via Zoom.

ISSP has experience in protecting critical infrastructure at the frontlines of the cyberwar and have acted
as investigators of and first responders to some of the most devastating cyberattacks.  ISSP acted as  co-creators and implementing partners of the 4 year USAID Activity "Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine.

Speakers will talk about lessons learned from the most devastating cyber-attacks in history that took place in Ukraine, the current cyber- threat landscape in the US, Ukraine, and globally, cybersecurity challenges and how to understand them if you are C-level executive, a business leader, an investor, and not a cybersecurity professional. 

Speakers will also discuss what C-Level executive and Boards need to know about cyber and what they should expect from cyersecurity function in their organization - how to understand cybersecurity problems & needs in order to be able to evaluate proposed cybersecurity solutions so that a robust cyber resilience could be built and maintained at sufficient level of capabilities and reasonable cost.


1. Oleh Derevianko - Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of ISSP (Information Systems Security Partners), Kyiv, Ukraine. Speaker and Moderator.

Oleh Derevianko is a visionary business and social entrepreneur, intellectual, and thinker. He is the Co-founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Vision Officer of ISSP — Information Systems Security Partners — a private international cybersecurity company founded in 2008 in Ukraine and currently operating globally. Being an international opinion leader in cybersecurity, he has presented in the U.S. at MIT, Stanford, Texas A&M, the Atlantic Council, and has been referenced in BBC Future, WSJ, CNBC, Politico, WIRED, Le Monde, Reuters, other global media, and two - Amazon and NYT- bestselling books on cybersecurity.

2.  Roman Sologub - CEO at ISSP (Information Systems Security Partners), Kyiv, Ukraine.

Roman Sologub is the CEO of ISSP – Information Systems Security Partners. The pioneer and evangelist of Ukrainian Cyber Security industry, Roman has been leading ISSP since the company was created from scratch in 2008. Having a strong presence in the countries at the front line of cyber and hybrid war, such as Ukraine, serving both private and public sectors, and named by WIRED as 'the go-to firm for victims of Ukraine's cyberwar' ISSP provides unique expertise for cyberattacks detection, response, and analysis. 

3. Jonathan Couch, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development at ThreatQuotient.

Jonathan Couch utilizes his 25+ years of experience in information security, information warfare and intelligence collection to focus on the development of people, process, and technology within client organizations to assist in the consumption, use, and communication of cyber threat intelligence. Jonathan’s expertise is in leading advanced cyber warfare, cybersecurity, information operations, and intelligence technologies research.

4. Tim Conway, Technical Director - ICS and SCADA programs at SANS Institute.

A recognized leader in CIP operations, he formerly served as the Director of CIP Compliance and Operations Technology at Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) and was responsible for Operations Technology, NERC CIP Compliance, and the NERC training environments for the operations departments within NIPSCO Electric.

5. Tim Watkins, Lead Application Engineer at Schweitzer E­ngineering Laboratories Inc.

System/network engineer and cyber planner with twenty years of Marine Corps leadership experience and now over eight years as a Lead Application Engineer at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. He is now a Global Accounts Business Development Manager focusing on securing critical control systems and designing defendable architectures for system owners around the world. 

ISSP (Information Systems Security Partners) - Founded in 2008 ISSP - Information Systems Security Partners is a full cycle professional cybersecurity company. The company provide compromise and vulnerability assessment, penetration and security testing, cybersecurity consulting and digital forensics, cyber and data technologies integration and support, managed detection and response services, and threat intelligence.‚Äč https://www.issp.com/

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NOTE: If you have any questions about connecting to the USUBC webinar please contact Denys Jatsyshyn, USUBC Director, Corporate Relations in Kyiv at DJatsyshyn@usubc.org