Evening with Manor, Virtual Gala is right around the corner! While attending the virtual event is free, you have the option to purchase a Gala Gourmet Selection Box. You can choose from a Charcuterie Board, Formaggi Board or Vegan Board (provided by Trevi Restaurant in Glenside). You will also be able to choose from Italian Pinot Grigio, Giusseppe’s Chianti or Sparkling Pellegrino. Gala Gourmet Selection Boxes will be available for pick-up at Manor College or they can be delivered to your house.

"As a proud Manor College alumni, it is my honor to provide outstanding gourmet food and wine boxes for the 2020 Evening with Manor Virtual Gala. This is certainly a crazy time we’re living in. When events like this go online, you have to find every way to make people feel like they’re at an actual gathering. Food and drink always makes us feel more together—in fact, it’s one of the most essential parts of the party! So have fun, celebrate, and most importantly get your Gala Gourmet Box for November 12! You will truly enjoy the full flavor of the night! My husband, Joe, and I plan to be part of the excitement!"

-Restaurateur Gina Burke ’82, co-owner of Glenside’s TreVi  

Purchase a Gala Gourmet Box