Dear Business Leaders,

How does one company manage to grow and grow, while others fall by the wayside?

How do well-defined goals affect a company's results? What is the role of CEO?

Is there a correlation between goal-setting and motivation of employees? How should this process be managed?

How can you ignite your employees’ hearts to achieve ambitious goals and keep the fire in their eyes?

We invite business owners, general directors and all those involved in the process of defining strategies and goals to our seminar: Winners' Goals: Innovative Solutions and Real Success Stories organized by KPMG in Ukraine, and U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC).

In a period of uncertainty, when companies are forced to change constantly, when innovation is becoming a core competence, and businesses must attract and retain people with a huge range of skill-sets to be successful, the role of the CEO takes on new meaning and requires new knowledge, skills and strategies.

At the seminar we will discuss proven innovative solutions that can help a CEO succeed in achieving key business goals such as:

• stimulating business growth and reducing costs

• reducing staff turnover and retaining key employees

• make considered decisions on strategic issues.

Our expert speakers will share their knowledge, success stories, and the tools that help them to manage their businesses


Kostyantyn Karpushin, Partner, Head of Innovation & Technology, KPMG in the CIS

Mykola Tymoshchuk, Executive Director, UFuture Investment Group

Sofia Belenkova, Head of the Kyiv office, ELEKS

Oleksandr Tverdokhlib, Founder and CEO, MOST-Ukraine

Natalia Kryvda, Academic Director of the MBA Programme at the Edinburgh Business School in Ukraine, Academic Advisor on the Platform of International Education Programs

How to take part

Participation in the seminar is free of charge. Follow the link to express your interest and we will contact you to confirm your place. Please feel free to invite your colleagues to participate. Registration closes on 24 June, 2019.

If you have any other questions, please contact Olena Mardal: +380 67 797 2529,

We look forward to seeing you.