International Mayors Summit (IMS), launched in 2016 as a knowledge exchange platform for local government leaders, became “more than a conference”, a place where projects and partnerships are born.

The annual Summit brings together prominent mayors from throughout the world, the business community, international organizations representatives and civil society to discuss solutions, innovations, best practices and common challenges in all areas of city life. The Summit is organized by Western NIS Enterprise Fund and supported by the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Mayors and experts from the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, UK, UAE, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Germany took part at the International Mayors Summit.

The Summit’s format allows participants to get knowledge and build a strong international network with prominent global leaders of urban transformation, be part of professional speed-networking sessions, test various solutions at the location, sign memorandums and launch special projects.

Since fall 2019, cities globally face a double challenge: fight against the pandemic while simultaneously feel the pressure of further development. Mayors were at the frontline of urgent and necessary decisions, trying to coordinate with the central government, create partnerships with businesses and engage and convince the community. Was it a successful process? What are the most effective solutions? How to plan further development and growth? This will be the theme of the IMS 2021.

Welcome to the IMS 2021!

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