KYIV--You are invited to attend a CELEBRATE UKRAINE CONCERT  by National Bandurist Capella of Ukraine, sponsored by U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) to celebrate 100th Anniversary of this legendary chorus.

The concert will take place on Monday, November 19th, from 7 p.m- to 9 p.m. at the Grand Hall, Opera Studio (Conservatory),  1-3/11 Architect Horodetsky St, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The National Bandurist Capella of Ukraine is a truly unique and outstanding part of the cultural history of Ukraine. The art of the bandura is known and loved in Ukraine and throughout the world.  The National Bandurist Capella of Ukraine has had concert tours in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia, Canada, Japan, France, Russia, Spain and Hungary. 

All members of the Capella all full-time musicians who both sing and play the bandura.  The members are graduates of the Prepartory Studio for Performers run by the Capella. The

Capella performs historical, folk, religious, Christmas, traditions, hymns, ballads all related to Ukraine and part of Ukraine's history. 

"To me this is the best, most outstanding performing group in all of  Ukraine. Their concerts are amazing, uplifting, powerful, moving and not to be missed," said Morgan Williams.

RSVP: Registration is required to attend the Concert.  To register please send an e-mail to Morgan Williams at . There is no cost for the event.

Premium seating reserved for USUBC members, spouses, partners, children.