Date: 22 April 2021

Time: 11:00 – 12:30

Format: webinar

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During the event you will learn about the practical aspects of protecting business leaders from criminal proceedings and pre-trial investigation of economic crimes, as well as practical aspects of preventing business leaders from being prosecuted in bankruptcy proceedings initiated by unscrupulous creditors. In addition, as part of the event, we will consider the introduction of a new type of criminal liability for VAT fraud, guilt in tax offenses and the consequences of creating a new law enforcement agency, the Bureau of Economic Security (BES).

The webinar agenda will include:

  • Tax offense from 1 January 2021: guilt, intent, deliberate action and inaction of the taxpayer.
  • Financial responsibility and the degree thereof. Exemption and mitigation of financial liability. Tax offenses by the tax authority.
  • Criminal responsibility for economic crimes: practical aspects of protection to be considered by business leaders
  • The penalty for the new old crime – VAT fraud
  • Is BES going to be a driver of criminal prosecution?
  • Joint and several responsibilities for late initiation of bankruptcy proceedings: what business leaders need to know to protect themselves
  • Bringing to bankruptcy: what can be realized in practice


Larysa Antoshchuk, Head of the Tax Dispute Resolution Group, KPMG Law Ukraine

Attorney-at-Law with 15 years of experience in tax dispute resolution and advisory for the international and Ukrainian companies, as well as acting as a defender in criminal proceedings. Her client portfolio in tax dispute resolution includes companies operating in such sectors as media, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, industrial equipment manufacturing and IT.

Nataliia Musiienko, Manager, Tax Dispute Resolution Group, KPMG Law Ukraine

Nataliia has a successful experience of representation of clients’ interests in disputes resolving and investigation of economic crimes in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, agricultural business, media, telecommunications, technology, retail trade, air services, industrial equipment manufacturing, banking and financial institutions.

Tetyana Potopalska, expert practitioner on taxation and excise tax on fuel

Tetiana participates in the work of the Expert Council for the preparation of summary tax consultations at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. She is a member of numerous working groups on taxation of the State Tax Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Tax and Customs Policy, and has experience as a tax advisor.

Yuriy KatserAttorney-at-Law, Head of Legal Services, KPMG Law Ukraine

Yuriy has more than 16 years of successful experience in supporting complex litigation, as well as developing comprehensive strategies to protect the client’s interests in litigation, including bankruptcy cases.

Bogdan Shyshkovskyi, Manager, Attorney-at-Law, Legal Services, KPMG Law Ukraine. Bogdan has a broad experience of representing and defending international and Ukrainian clients in commercial disputes, including representation of borrowers’ and creditors’ interests in banking disputes and bankruptcy proceedings.

Target audience

The webinar will be useful to CEOs, CFOs, board members and owners of companies operating in the financial sector and real economy.

Registration for the event: