The members and staff of theU.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC appreciate the

opportunity to write aboutour long-time good friend and colleague Roman Kyzyk.

Our friendship and worktogether was strong, vibrant and productive.


From the first time we metRoman in New York several years ago until just a week

before his death USUBC andRoman were in regular contact about our strong mutual

interest in supportingUkraine and the people of Ukraine by working to expand the 

business and economicdevelopment of Ukraine...providing opportunity, jobs, income

and wealth to the averageperson in Ukraine.


Roman was always eager,enthusiastic, supportive and a "man on the move" when it

came to Ukraine.  Heprovided important information and contacts to USUBC about

people and companies. Roman pioneered in the IT business area and gave leadership

to a new and youngindustry so important to the future of Ukraine.


All of us, in tribute toRoman, must continue the work, continue to rally the forces of

freedom and democracy,to lead the battle, for a free, independent, democratic and

prosperous Ukraine.  Thebattle between the Old Ukraine and the New Ukraine is

fierce, long and hard andcontinues today.  Our love for Roman and for Ukraine

leaves us no choice.


Morgan Williams, President

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council(USUBC)



On Saturday, November 14th at 3:30 p.m. aMemorial Service will be held for

ROMAN KYZYK+ at the:

Fordham University Church
Fordham University - Rose Hill Campus
441 East Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10458

Directions to Rose Hill campus can be found at:

One of Roman's favorite colors was orange and to stand in solidarity we ask thatan accent of

orange be considered forRoman's+ Memorial Service.

A Celebration of Life will follow at Tognino Hall in Duane Library.