In partnership with the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States of America, Professional Government Association, U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, and with the help from Boston Friends of UGS (Chrystia and Adrian Slywotzky, Alicia Szendiuch, Tania Vitvitsky, Yarema Wolosenko, and Zina Kondratiuk), Ukraine Global Scholars is pleased to announce a series of online travelogues 'My Town. Up Close and Personal Virtual Tours with Ukraine Global Scholars Students.' 

We hope to raise awareness about six towns not widely known outside Ukraine and attract attention to beautiful and strong modern Ukraine, its culture, traditions, and social life through the eyes of a new generation studying at the world's top institutions. The project is aimed at the UGS supporters and anyone interested in Ukraine. 

Kolomyia to Dnipro, Kharkiv, and New York (Donetska oblast); Chernihiv to Simferopol will be presented by Ukraine Global Scholars alumni and finalists through their routine Friday and Saturday schedules. How to make a wish that will come true in Chernihiv? How to support New York in Donetska oblast by running a #marathonnoonewantstorun? Why is the youth from Kolomyia very active? What are the traditional dishes of Crimean Tatars? Why are citizens of Dnipro so proud of their city? What is Kharkiv famous for? You will get the answers to all these questions from our students who come from these towns. 

Zoom sessions will be held in English fortnightly starting from February 19th (Saturday) from 10 am to 11 am ET. Every travelogue will last for 30 minutes and will be followed by QA.
REGISTER for 1 or several presentations. 

Please spread the word among your friends interested in learning about Ukraine. All participants need to register for as many online sessions as they would like by clicking on the button below. 

Let's support Ukraine by raising awareness about it!

Always yours, 

UGS Team