In peacetime, people can work, ensure continuity of events and build the future. War disrupts this normal process. Working conditions and law also change to be suitable for work under martial law.

We invite you to take part in the webinar "Novelties in legal regulation of HR matters: topical issues in wartime and more". During the webinar we will cover the following issues:

  1. Main changes in the restructuring of labour relations during martial law (suspension, vacation, change of essential working conditions, staffing cut, compensation to mobilized employees).
  2. Zero hours contracts.
  3. Simplified regulation of labour relations.
  4. Departure of men on business trips abroad.
  5. Overview of expected changes: anti-bullying and anti-discrimination at work, etc.

The webinar is scheduled for 14 September 2022 at 11 am Kyiv time.
The working language of the webinar will be Ukrainian.
Participation in the webinar is free, subject to pre-registration at the link below.