Together with ISACA, KPMG in Ukraine invites you to take part in our webinar: Reflections on cyber resilience – the Ukrainian experience that takes place on June 9 at 16:00.

To watch online, please register via the following link KPMG webinar: "Reflections on cyber resilience – the Ukrainian experience" Survey (

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has increased concerns about cyber security incidents and the resilience of critical business functions. Beyond protecting their employees and supporting the people of Ukraine, businesses also needed to assess their exposure and vulnerability to cyber incidents, technology disruption, and the related impact on (and resilience of) critical services.

Many experts correctly predicted that kinetic military action in Ukraine would be synchronised with extensive cyber operations. The Russian invasion of Ukraine proves that we live in a world where business and government must consider simultaneous threats: from nation-backed cyber-attacks on local IT systems and infrastructure, and the direct result of armed conflict. What can the Ukrainian experience of successfully defending domestic infrastructure and territorial integrity teach us about building cyber resilience? And how can we best implement these lessons in other theatres of operations?

Our agenda is divided into two parts that cover:

Part 1

We will investigate cyber-attacks launched against Ukraine prior to and during the first days and weeks of the war, talking about:

  • The most common types of cyber-attacks; including espionage, fake news, and propaganda.
  • Dealing with cyber disruption, including disruption of telecommunication systems.
  • New attacks launched on critical infrastructure.
  • Threat actors from both sides of the conflict line.
  • The role of volunteers in cyberwar.

Part 2

We will also share our personal experience, and the lessons learned by KPMG in Ukraine and our clients, in subjects such as crisis preparedness and management, relocating personnel and their families, and the continuity of IT and business operations during war. We will provide practical tips and explore what operational resilience really looks like, as well as how organisations can remain successful while continuing to adjust from a digital, cyber/physical, and IT perspective. We will discuss:

  • How organisations are managing the ongoing fallout.
  • Lessons learned from the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.
  • What improvements can be made to crisis management programmes to minimise business disruption while keeping employees and assets safe.
  • The positive impact of a proactive co-ordinated response on operational effectiveness.

Event speakers include:

  • Oleksiy Yankovski, Partner, Head of IT and Cyber Advisory, KPMG in Ukraine, Vice President of ISACA’s Kyiv Chapter
  • Gennadii Reznichenko, Associate Director, IT and Cyber Advisory, KPMG in Ukraine
  • Artem Kobets, Manager, IT and Cyber Advisory, KPMG in Ukraine

The meeting will last about two hours and will be broadcast live via Facebook and YouTube.

Language: English. Translation will not be provided.

To watch online, please register via the following link KPMG webinar: "Reflections on cyber resilience – the Ukrainian experience" Survey (

More information about speakers:

Olexey Yankovski, Partner, Head of IT and Cyber Advisory, Vice President of ISACA Kyiv Chapter

Alexey has over 20 years of IT and Cyber experience, including working in the leading roles at Big-4 companies, as well as at ING, and Barclays. When Ukraine became target of numerous Cyber attacks during 2014-2015, Alexey, along with his team and ISACA representatives, organized a series of Cybersecurity trainings aimed at preparing large enterprises to respond to cyber threats.

Gennadii Reznichenko, Associate Director, IT and Cyber Advisory

Gennadii has more than 25 years of international experience in shaping, leading and implementing risk management frameworks, cyber resilience strategies, asset and personnel protection solutions to address current and emergent cyber-physical security threats. Gennadii applied business continuity expertise he gained at Fortune 100 organisation during the 2022 military conflict, he built and operationalized contingency/crisis management structure to ensure employee safety and to minimize business disruption of KPMG Ukraine operations. With a group of security professionals, Gennadii established OSAC in Ukraine in 2014, and led it to be recognized as the best Country Council in the world a few years later. ISACA member since 2008, he highly values community relationships, information sharing and voluntary initiatives.

Artem Kobets, Manager, IT and Cyber Advisory

Artem has over 15 years of experience in IT and Cyber. He is a technical security leader in the cyber consulting team of KPMG in Ukraine and manager of the team that is responsible for providing security testing and incident response services to the clients. During last few years, Artem was deeply involved in Cyber transformation program for one of the leading banks in Ukraine and supported investigation of some major cyber security incidents in a region. Artem also helped multiple organizations in Ukraine to identify and understand cybersecurity risks to allow them improve their security posture. In addition, Artem maintains Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification.