Have you ever thought about changing the world around you? Andhave you ever tried to do this? Many people have a lot of innovative ideas, butmost of them get completely lost in a turnover of daily routine. But even ifyour job is a boring enterprise project, you still can find some time for creativework that might improve somebody’s life. This is what a culture of makers isall about.

With basic knowledge of electronics and embedded programming people can createreally impressive things. 3D printers, robots or a fully automated coffee machine are just a fewof them. And most of the hardware you might need is already at your service:Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel’s Galileo and Edison etc. But what should be yourown next step?

Attend our Embedded TechTalk in Lviv (Wednesday, June 17,at 18:30) and find out how to master your embedded skills. We have preparedsome cool stuff to impress the experienced embedded developers as well. Our ownOrest Hera, PhD, will explain how advanced physics can help you create next gen sport tracking devices. Moreover,there will be one more surprise for you at the end of the conference.