The coronavirus pandemic, quarantine and restrictive measures are changing the world around us. There is a global transformation - from the values ​​of each individual to the life of huge corporations. Strategies, tactics, functions change. Internal audit is an important part of a large system of balance sheets and counterbalances called "corporate governance", its role and importance have been and remain one of the priorities of the business. What are the new requirements for internal audit in the current period? What measures are needed to meet the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders today? During the webinar "Restarting internal audit in banks. How the Pandemic and Quarantine Affected» we want to talk about the new risks associated with the pandemic, changes in the organization of the internal audit function in banks and the ways in which it works effectively.

We will cover the following topics:

• How the landscape of major risks in banks has changed due to the pandemic: top 10 risks before and after

• Collection of information and key performance indicators (KPIs) as the main tasks of internal audit at the moment

• Main challenges for internal audit: remote work, management of customer expectations, relationships with suppliers

• New role and tasks of internal audit: what has changed

• What to consider: technology transformation, automation, cybersecurity, compliance and regulatory requirements, etc.

• External evaluation of the internal audit function in Ukraine: how to optimally implement it and get the most out of it.

Our guest Serhiy Ustinov, Director of Internal Audit of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, will share practical experience and talk about how the organization of internal audit has changed, what the inspection plan looks like at the moment, what lessons can already be learned from quarantine. Sergey will also share tools and tips that have helped him and his team and can be useful for webinar listeners.


Olena Liebenstein, Director, KPMG Fraud and Corruption Risk Management Consulting Division, Ukraine.

Oleksiy Filipov, Manager, KPMG Risk Consulting Department in Ukraine.

Serhiy Ustinov, Internal Audit Director of Alfa-Bank Ukraine.

Language of the event: Ukrainian / Russian.


Terms of participation: participation in the event is free and is based on registration confirmed by the organizer. Register by following the link before May 20, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Olena Mardal: +380 67 797 2529,